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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: National Guard Captures 15 w Arsenal and Hostages

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElDebate y Informador
              Authorities capture 15 and secure arsenal in Tlaquepaque, plus release eight hostages:
The capture was achieved after a gun confrontation  between the National Guard and the criminals, who were sheltering in a warehouse located on Periferico, in the Toluquilla neighborhood.

After the confrontation with bullets, National Guard personnel secured a warehouse in Colonia Toluquilla , in the Municipality of Tlaquepaque , where an arsenal was secured, 15 people were arrested and eight others were released who had been deprived of their freedom.

Two human fingers are part of the evidence secured in a security house in the Toluquilla neighborhood, in the municipality of  Tlaquepaque , from which 8 people were released this morning who were deprived of their liberty . The existence of possible clandestine graves inside is also investigated, said the head of the General Prosecutor of the State of Jalisco , Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez , this afternoon .

This on 9:00 am  on Wednesday, when the military tried to locate a vehicle in which escaped subjects  fled in after they attacked one of their units.

The elements saw that the vehicle was put into a warehouse that is located in Periférico, at the height of Colonia Toluquilla, in the Municipality of Tlaquepaque , near the Isis Motel, and when they approached the men in the vehicle opened fire on them.

The soldiers entered the warehouse because they were shot at from inside also and consequently  they arrested three women and five men, including four teenagers and two persons of Colombian nationality.

In the cellar they also released two women and six men who were deprived of their freedom, chained, among the victims was a 14-year-old girl.
Fifteen people were then arrested, including the three minors: two teenage women and one male; in addition to two adults of Colombian nationality. The rest came from towns such as La Huerta, Autlán, Villa Purificación, Tlajomulco and Puerto Vallarta.

They also found that they had eight other persons deprived of liberty, including a minor teenager and an elderly woman of Venezuelan nationality; the rest were men, one of whom was Colombian.

Of the eight, the Venezuelan and the Colombian had captive 11 days , so it was found that their state of health was very deteriorated. The other six had been one day in captivity, although they were also mistreated.

These people were treated by paramedics and Human Rights personnel , although authorities sought to rule out that any of them are related to the detainees.  
In addition, 8 R15 rifles were secured with 42 magazines, 2 short weapons, 140,000 .223 caliber cartridges, and 20 tactical vests, 12 with ballistic plates and 8 without plates.
A gray 2018 Volkswagen Amarok, two Ford Figo, one gray and one red, a black Nissan X-Terra, a white Jeep Rubicon and a Chevrolet Beat were also found.
The authorities will continue with the review of the property, the prosecutor added, to investigate whether there are clandestine burials.

Ramón Morán, Lieutenant Colonel of the National Guard, clarified that his operational personnel did not suffer any damage despite the shots that were made, and that there were no casualties by either party, National Guard elements or the criminal detainees and hostages.

Staff of the State Prosecutor's Office came to carry out the investigations.


  1. National Guard you are finally showing your power. This is a great catch, along with kidnapped victims, don't let these criminals free. Marina's have not met thier quota, funding is to cease.

  2. Tlaquepaque is Jalisco the neighborhood in Guadalajara where La Nueva Plaza and El Cholo operate from. From what I read the marina and th State have pulled the support from Cholo if you find dead people in that Neighborhood in Guadalajara it is most likely El Cholos people getting slaughtered.

    1. Those vests look like the ones the Nueva Plaza guys had on when they sent that video to El Menchos step son and El Erick. It must have been a Nueva Plaza Safe House it all depends on where it was located at if it was found deep in Tlaquepaque then it was Nueva Plaza if found on the outskirts it's most likely a CJNG safe House.

    2. Yup, if it was cjng it would have it all over the vests

  3. This is in Jalisco not Michoacan.

  4. Lol..tlaquepaque michoacan..

  5. Aún que sea entre ellos es triste ver mi Tlaquepaque convertirse a TlaqueMuerte.

  6. It's been rumored that AMLO is getting ready to add an elite tactical unit to the already effective police force to help deal with the ever escalating cartel violence - the Marshmallow Police. It will be comprised of officers that will have to pass a fairly rigorous "poetry" exam (to include testing of spelling and grammatical usage). After the intensive training (a grueling 90 minutes) each member will receive a bag of marshmallows to use as a DEFENSIVE weapon only and a personally penned poem from AMLO. If they should accidentally arrest a criminal they are instructed to release said offender but only after giving them 3 or 4 hugs (depending on the severity of crime).

  7. Great job 👍 National Guard, 1st one that stands out. Those survivors will thank them for years to come.

  8. First time I’ve seen a kidnapping ring arrested with a breaching device in their possession.

  9. Don't be fooled by these photos. AMLO ordered the national guard to lay down their weapons, tactical gear and other instruments to appear that they actually arrested criminals. The true story is that after the photos were taken, the criminals were given food, hugs and got to keep the weapons. Way to go Messico!!!!

    1. Wow cool 👍 you were there on the spot as it happened, glad you made it back alive and still have your head. I love Mexico.

    2. no they were arrested, interrogated but later released by a corrupt judge. And thats why more guns and more soldiers and more ammo dont help. Like mandatory sentences worked very well to stop drugs, correct?

    3. Mandatory minimums and deferred adjudication are just more tools to keep oppression around. In a legal manner of course because corruption doesn't exist in the USA

  10. 8 rifles are hardly an arsenal, but 140k rounds is nothing to sneeze at.


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