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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tacámbaro, Michoacan: CJNG Sicarios Send El Mencho Gratitude

A new video has just surfaced from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación. In it they claim that they’re currently in Tacámbaro, Michoacán. And that their intended purpose is to completely annihilate the cartel of Los Viagras from the region. 

In the Mexican underworld it has become a common staple for the warring cartels to announce their intentions against one another via social media, radio, word of mouth, or via mantas left in public. As an unspoken rule of law the advance warning is given to enemy’s much like a courtesy call. This is the only chance given to adversaries to leave from the area once and for all. Whoever chooses to stay knows ahead of time what to expect should they be caught by the opposition. Hence the reason for the Spanish saying: El que avisa no engaña (He who warns in advance is not a deceiver).

Video translation is as follows:
Sicario #1: Don Mencho good afternoon. We the Cartel Jalisco from Tacámbaro and all its surroundings want to thank you for the support that you have given my colleagues and I here. There are also many more of our operatives spread out throughout these hills. Nevertheless we are here at your service. My colleagues want to personally thank you. The 4 letters (CJNG) are present. Thanks for the support.

Sicarios holler in unison: Thank you!
Sicario #2: Raise all your rifles up into the air. This is so that everyone can see that the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación is in Tacámbaro. And for all those small time faggots Los Viagras who are on the other side, you will all be killed off if you don’t align yourselves with us. And since we don’t want any ass kissers here. The only thing we will ever be is Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación you fucks. 

Sicario #3: Absolute Cartel Jalisco.
Sicario #4: Absolute Jalisco you faggots.
Sicarios in unison lazily say: Jalisco.
Sicario #2: Ok let’s all pick this manta up for display. Alright that’s good enough. 

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source


  1. Well they seem reasonable . And highly educated and someone looks like they mean business when the crayons come out . These are the people who perpetrate these horrible acts of violence ? They look like the auto defense ppl ? Im confused ... And prbly shouldnt have said anything . Nevermind my bad .

  2. '19 Noviembre 21
    este caso sucedio;
    Amenazaron a mucha gente
    Jalisco la amenazo;
    En el rancho de Tacambara
    la gente se asusto;

    Yo le digo a Tacambaro
    no corran ni tengan miedo;
    la pistolas traen seis tiros
    Aseguren cuernos de chivos;
    Estos no son gallos finos
    mucho menos pistoleros;

    Ya saben raza. $500 por su corrido.

    1. Pinche tackuache this are the lyrics of a corrido ...copy cat.

    2. Jajaja bien hecho cabron. Hay talento, solo hace falta apoyarlo.

  3. I have been trying to get more info on this and it looks like it might just be a ploy by the Local caciques in order to increase the federal presence in that municipality. To be honest it feels fake and lazy. From what I have seen their aren't any Viagras in that area but the local caciques use to have a close relationship with the Templarios. These caciques also have a close relationship with Leonel Godoy, Fausto Vallejo, Jesus Reyna, and Silvano. Their isn't a need for them to Traffic drugs as they own hundreds of hectares of Avocado farms, Blackberry, blue berry plantations they also have cement warehouses, cattle farms a couple home improvement stores, hotels, restaurants, water parks, and other investments in Morelia. They are not wanted in the US or Mexico. They are what you call successful what they most fear is that a cartel or someone with power would come in and take what they have.

  4. They should try a surprise attack sometime lol. May be they will have better results and more advances against the opposition..

  5. Funny Mexico sue Walmart. Where can poor Mexican Victims of crime Sue

  6. What a club celebration. They painted a banner and stuff. I tell you this is what Hell looks like. Jovial parties with evil guys. Reminiscent of a Clan rally. Just like Americans have racism. Mexicans have total anarchy. Total corruption of politicians. Total and absolute Hell on Earth. There will be a time when like racism. Cartels be just a bleamish on y'all's past. God speed my brothers to the South Salud
    El Smarto

    1. Moskow Mitch salutes you from his many many memes, google images... and there is a full zoo of russian puppets on the US

    2. And Mexico isn't racist to its own indigenous peoples?
      Bogus and blind sheep,where have any of you experienced racism ?

  7. Lol... This looks dumb and clumsy. They look illiterate and barely able to scribble the letters on the sign. What a joke of a country

  8. Cjng keeps on growing and only thing lther cartels are growing is their fear of cjng, las 4 letras que si se respetan! Ajua!!!!

  9. Gratitude for what? Is Mencho going to take care of your family when you're killed by a rival?

  10. "Give me an M!" 🎶
    "Give me an E!" 🎶
    "Give me an N!" 🎶
    All that's missing are the camo skirts and pompoms

  11. Lets see how grateful they are while getting chopped and bagged alive

  12. The killing spree will continue

  13. El Mencho is a dead man walking, he hears a plane, quickly hides in the cave.

  14. And AMLO says everything is great and does nothing

  15. It looks more like they're asking for the help and kissing menchos ass

  16. If their fighting skills are as clumsy as their speech they're doomed...

  17. Well at this point i will give cjng a chance to take over michoacan plaza as the viagras,templarios,fm are nothing but scambags


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