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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Security Alert – U. S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Milenio and State Department
The US  Consulate General  in  Nuevo Laredo,  Tamaulipas, issued a security alert asking its employees to comply with the night curfew.

Home News & Events / Security Alert – U. S. Consulate General Nuevo LaredoSecurity Alert – U. S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo (November 16, 2019)Location: Multiple Locations, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Event: The Consulate continues to monitor the security situation in the city of Nuevo Laredo following violence between Mexican authorities and criminal organizations that started on November 15.
U.S. government personnel are subject to restrictions on their movements and an evening curfew until further notice.
Actions to Take:
  • Notify friends and family of your safety.
  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Avoid public places.
Assistance:U.S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo, Mexico +52 867 714 0512 +52 55 5080 2000 (U.S. Citizen Emergencies)

The personnel of the United States government are subject to restrictions in their movements and a night curfew until further notice. 

“Actions to take: Notify your friends and family about your safety . Monitor local media for updates. Avoid public places,”he says.

In this municipality, on the Tamaulipas border, there have been attacks by armed civilians on the  military  and  police , as well as blockades and incendiary cars.

International bridges are working normally.

Friday after 10pm, thealert was given because criminals had stolen vehicles, a trailer used for blockades in streets of the central neighborhoods.

An army convoy was attacked causing a shootout.


  1. Things r getting worse. I am no Saint, but we all need to Pray for the good people of Mexico. Please

    1. Hope for peace and hugs to all the kind people who shall overcome the evil

  2. We stopped at immigration that morning about 10 A.M in Nuevo Laredo.
    There was a lot of security, it was calm made it to Saltillo, about 2:30 spent two nights there. This morning we Drove from Saltillo to Queretero. Tomorrow we will drive to Acapulco.

    We had no idea about the shootings in Nuevo Laredo the morning we were there. Queretero is nice, lots of money in Zibato

  3. They saying that all this is cause they got el huevo (CDN)Trevino?but who knows if he’s in custody and they are not really saying anything he be out in a few days once the payment is received if this is true and they have got him in jail CDN is fucked thers to many Indians in cdn and no chiefs

  4. Mexico is a lost cause without U.S. military intervention.

    1. 5:47 have you seen other countries where the US has intervened?
      It cost old mexico half its territory in a prior life...
      --Saquese a la verga güey, shatthefackup maderfacker.

  5. Nowhere is safe trouble everywhere.

  6. Didnt they capture el huevo leader of chd?

    1. I should add that since it has been a few days we would have heard about it..

  7. Tropa del Infierno mis hevos., son unos piojosos que hacen lo que sea por no estudiar ni trabajar..junto con un gobierno que no quiere terminar con esta mamada ...

  8. Chivis
    The us government sends these alerts, people still come and go across into Mexico.
    Now for me that drives in northeastern Mexico in the am it’s rare to see vehicles with American plates.
    The only thing I get tried of is Mexican federales wanting a “mordida”.



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