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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Report increase of 37.7% in kidnappings

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

Kidnappings in Mexico increased between January and October by 37.7 percent over the same period of 2018 reports Alto al Secuestro association.

In those 10 months, there were 1,690 investigation files against the 1,227 reported in the same period of 2018.

The kidnapping, he warned, is on par on a daily average of inquiries for malicious homicides, as both crimes report at least five cases a day.

Veracruz ranked first in absolute numbers with 32 kidnappings in October, followed by the State of Mexico with 30, Mexico City with 10, Morelos with 9, and Tabasco and Puebla with seven cases.

"The Government of Veracruz is not doing anything to stop this crime, it is unfortunate what is happening in that State," said the spokesman of the association.

As for kidnapping  rates per 100 thousand inhabitants, Morelos occupies the first place, followed by Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Tabasco and Zacatecas.


  1. It’s clear that criminals have no fear of Law Enforcement because some or most of the time, Law enforcement is complicit in crime.

    Elected officials, as in the case of the 43 missing students and other cases, are also aligned with organized crime.

    At this point, Mexico is going through a death of a thousand cuts.

    What Mexico needs is a Military dictatorship because it can’t handle democracy.


    1. Yes of course because that went exeptionally well in Chile with Pinochet...know your history and you know how this would be 1000x worst than any cartel...Mexican armed forces are infamous for being brutal and violators of human rights specially in indigenous/rural imagine with complete power Mexican military would become the biggest cartel in the history of cartels

    2. This military adaptation can come with serious consequences politically and constitutionally. Moreover, past implications of officials in cahoots with cartels. Thus resulting with more killings and turmoil than order.


    3. Agreed Queso. How do they avoid the same corruption becoming present in said dictatorship however?

    4. Anyway you slice it MEXICO will continue to have lawless order, president ain't doing nothing, I am estimating 29,000 would have died by December 31st.
      El tripas

    5. I like they way you think amigo. And I agree with all that you said. Yet disagree with dictatorship. Mexico needs their right to bear arms. Democracy can't be without it. Candidates get assassinated. As the case in AMLO'S election. Journalists can't expose corruption. And if they do they become martyrs. Officials send their cartel at them. Then they're found in black bags the next day. In pieces near a narco manta. 9:29
      El Smarto

    6. 9:29 Exactly! Finally someone who gets it! What mexico needs is a military dictatorship because it can't handle democracy!


  3. Brazil you to be number 1 in crime, now MEXICO top's in crime, death and curuption.
    Pan bimbo

  4. I go to Mexico every year, just came back last week actually. There is a lot of money in Mexico man that’s for sure. It’s unfortunate some of the things that go on but it happens every where including the USA but our police force doesn’t let the gangs run a muck like that but there not making money like the cartels either. Honestly if I was a teenager struggling or around 30 years old or do and could make easy money and party all the time it would be hard to stay away from joining the cartels. A lot of it is how you were raised but if you have nothing to lose and you can do a quick kidnap job on a rich person to collect a few thousands more than likely it’s going to be hard to deter that person away from attempting it. Your making mil pesos a week give or take, that’s means both husband and wife need to work in Mexico as well for the average person

  5. @10:00 am
    Some Historians unjustly vilify certain Leaders who kept the country together, yet rarely vilify when the dictator Or head of state las leftist ideology.

    You say the military violates human rights? Yes. There are assholes in the Mexican Military yet most are patriotic paisas. Cartels are worse and are destabilizing the country.

    Since when do Mexican politicians and criminals care about the constitution and rule of law? The country is run by corrupt politicians, Narco criminals and corrupt mexican corporations.

    Everything starts with the moral upbringing of children, which Mexico clearly lacks.

    In Mexico we see barbarism and inhumane cruelty that is rarely seen in a civilized society!

    Corruption can never be fully eradicated because there will always be greed and envy.

    A heavy handed Military dictatorship, with the purpose of rooting out Cartels, Extortioners and corrupt politicians while providing education, incentives for families who stay together (less Divorce and kids born out of wedlock), and demonstrating security for outside investment, would he a good start.

    Oh.... Left field thought. It’s evident that Mexico, a once Catholic country is now run by Demons.



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