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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Playa Del Carmen: Spanish Tourist Kidnapped and Raped for Hours During a Robbery Spree

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: palconoticias y
    A Spanish woman kidnapped in Playa del Carmen lived a five-hour nightmare with her captors.

For more than five hours the Spanish tourist kidnapped the Sunday morning while traveling aboard a public transport unit in Playa del Carmen remained in the hands of her captor.

The young woman lived a real nightmare in those hours because she was repeatedly raped and her captor continually changed taxis to commit robberies in various establishments.

The Spanish tourist was taken hostage on Sunday during an assault on a public passenger transport van , known as a Combi, between  Cancun  and Playa del Carmen, in the state of Quintana Roo. The young woman,  26 years old  and originally from Leon, Spain, was kidnapped by the thief but subsequently released, as confirmed by local authorities.

According to data collected, the public transport unit left from Cancun and a man with a backpack climbed up from a stop, he then took out a long gun and threatened the passengers with assault for the purpose of robbery.

While the unit continued its journey to Playa de Carmen, in the municipality of Solidaridad,  the man stripped the passengers of their belongings and at one point along the way ordered the driver to return to Cancun.

Already on the way back, the assailant ordered the operator to stop on the federal highway, but at the time of descent he took the Spanish woman tourist hostage and took her into the undergrowth.

The kidnappers dragged her to an area where he sexually abused her repeatedly, without anyone being able to help her.

The young woman was finally abandoned in the vicinity of Supermanzana 236, very close to Rancho Viejo, in this municipality.
During the search and rescue operation of the Spanish tourist, a helicopter from the Secretariat of the Navy was used. The young woman was traveling in the company of a 29-year-old young man, also Spanish, identified as Juan 'N'.

According to the passengers and the driver, the assailant was a man of thin build, approximately 1.50 meters high , wearing green vest with reflectors, red shorts and a navy blue backpack and carried a long gun.

The driver said the assailant threatened him with a long gun and demanded that the passengers hand over everything they carried with them. After passing a police security checkpoint, the driver was forced to stop the vehicle and let the asssailant off in the company of the young woman. Streets later,  the woman's companion Juan, got out of the van to try to locate her and reported her missing.

Police reports indicate that shortly after noon it  was announced that  the Spanish tourist had been  located in Cancun,  looked in good health  and was waiting for a medical checkup. For its part, consular sources told the news agency  Efe that the case had already been referred to the Embassy of Spain in Mexico City and is being given timely follow - up.

Although the woman first indicated that she took advantage of a distraction of her captor to flee and ask for help, in her statement to the authorities she indicated that she was abandoned on a vacant lot of 236, where she asked for help from police officers who were on a patrol.

The agents, who knew of the search operation that had begun, informed the Ministerial Police that the young woman had been located alive.

The tourist confirmed that she was raped multiple times in a vacant lot and claimed to have changed taxis several times, and that during the tour her captor committed robberies to several shops in Cancun.

In fact, she explained that the last of the robberies she witnessed was committed in a butcher shop in Region 236, after which she was abandoned.

After the report of the incident, the "code red" , the maximum security protocol, was implemented in the municipalities of Solidaridad, Puerto Morelos and Benito Juarez, in which institutions such as the Secretary of the Navy, the National Guard, the Federal Police and state and local corporations were involved.

The young woman was transferred to the premises of the Attorney General of Quintana Roo in the city to  make a statement to the authorities . Through the Twitter network, the head of the State Secretariat of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Alberto Capella, confirmed the facts.

"We had an assault on public passenger transport in which a tourist is deprived of liberty. Local and federal corporations implemented a search operation. The victim has been released in good health  and we continue to be responsible for this case, " the official wrote. So far  the criminal has not been arrested  nor has his identity been specified.


  1. Tourists stop going to mexico! Own citizens ain't safe

  2. And this is why trump got voted into office. but us paisas can't see that because WE'RE THE BEST RACE ALIVE VIVA LA RAZA AYYYYYYAYYYY

  3. damn you'd think the cartels wouldn't put up with this caca from some thief.. guess its ok as long as they pay piso.

    1. The cartels should put a stop to these thugs. It's not the carteles. It's handful of gangs coked up and causing this mess.

  4. The world should combine and stop people from visiting Mexico. If the tourism industry in Mexico is effected then AMLO will listen. This is disgusting to hear .

  5. Ironic that being repeatedly raped is considered to be "released in good health" but compared to what often happens to rape victims, i guess she is "lucky".

  6. I would actually love to be a vigilante in Mexico kidnapping( since no one ever gets caught or convicted anyways) rapists and child molesters. I'd then notify the victim family to see if they would like to participate or at least watch the slow torture and death of their perpetrator/perpetrators. That would be my gift to them. I know a lot of people will call me no better than the scum who commit these atrocities but for anyone who's had this happen to them or had a loved one violated in such a manner some would agree with my actions. Unfortunately I live in the U.S where child molesters and rapists are given a slap on the wrist while the victim is scarred for life.

  7. If they catch him, he better die.

  8. Replies
    1. Sadly, the DEMS will somehow find a way to blame trump for this.

  9. Happens ALL the time in Mex. The only reason that this 'incident' is mentioned and makes a bit of waves is because it happened to a gringa.

    In any case: poor girl! Like so many more like her which are raped and abused in Mex she is scared for life :-(

    1. A gringa lol, reread a Spanish lady from Spain. I can't stop laughing.

    2. Spain is in Europe. Europeans are considered White

    3. Yes Americans love drugs to much

    4. Gringa= a White American female.

  10. Wasn't there another instance in a hotel also a Spanish woman or maybe multiple getting raped but one girl was spared because she was the same nationality as the perpetrators. Or maybe that happened in Brazil can't quite remember

  11. Released in good health... really. Talk about spinning. All good here, nothing to see, move along.

  12. A 29-year-old youth? C'mon Yaqui, clean up your act.

  13. The good health comment was a joke. I’m sure the guy was clean and disease free and I’m sure she’s mentally just fine. What a joke.


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