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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Photo Essay of a Mexican Murder Victim

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Noreste y Debate y Segundo
  Óscar's mother and grandmother cry inconsolably outside their home. (photo: Ricardo Nevárez)

A young man named Oscar was shot dead inside his house in Capirato, Municipality of Mocorito, Sinaloa.Versions of the relatives indicated that the events happened as at about 10 pm  last night, and that it was reported to the authorities, but none showed up. The victim was identified by his family as Oscar Fabián "N", 20 years old, motive unknown at this time.

The data indicate that last night at the victim's home a Toyota Tacoma van arrived with armed people, calling to him by name to come out of the house, but since he did not come out, they set fire to the kitchen area which had a palm thatched roof over it. Then they shot at the door of the house, where he was inside with his family.

                    He was shot dead were he had layed on the floor to sleep thousands of times
When they managed to enter, he hid until one of the gunmen shot him repeatedly until he was killed with his family running for cover.

His family, at 06:00 am on this Saturday, went to the Pericos union and Badiraguato to report the events for the second time, since no authorities had yet  presented themselves until that time.
In the place of the events there were dozens of 223 and 7.62X39 mm. spent shell casings for rifles R-15 and AK 47s , ie Cuernos de Chivos.
The smell of gunpowder still did not disappear and spread in the air; also, the ravages of the attack were sealed on the walls.
                                               Charred remains of the main cooking area

 Grandpa, head invisible behind the corner of the corrugated metal roof contemplates the wreckage
 Police arrived at the house almost ten hours after he was alerted to the attack.(Ricardo Nevárez) 
                                      A policeman leaves the room where Oscar was killed

A night full of lead, crying and pain was lived Capirato, Mocorito:
One of the towns that belongs to the Pericos syndicates dressed in mourning after the attack of the armed group last night. 

Few inhabitants left their homes to carry out their daily activities, while adult women were outside their homes talking about what happened.

It was obvious that there was fear, not knowing with certainty who had carried out such a bloody deed.
     The village church, which is cataloged as being one of the oldest in Sinaloa, closed its doors.

The children, on the other hand, left their homes with the permission of their parents, but without asking anything, they were only going to perform the chores they had been given.

Some other people sympathized with the affected family and helped them report the facts to the authorities. Others reproached the violent act, since there were minors inside the house and the attackers didn't care.
In the mountain community of Capirato, municipality of Mocorito, with a population of 414 people, and 116 houses is where the group armed with automatic rifles attacked members of a family who took refuge inside their home, which was set on fire.

I might add that it pains me greatly to see scenes like this after spending many years hanging out with friends and familias in hundreds of homes just like this and sharing splendid meals of freshly butchered spicy goat stew called Birria de Chivo, an honor to be served in a humble setting; or gossiping away under just such a ramada over a steaming cup of cafe with the fresh daily made queso and handmade tortillas.  


  1. Why didn't they show up? Maybe because they're bought and paid for. Give Mexicans the right to bear arms. Since their greasy cops, literally will not show up. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.
    El Smarto

    1. A bodybuilder, kidnapped in Mexico years ago,then he escaped,said the police were the cartel .

    2. This is what has to happen. Gun free zone. Guess what only the bad people have them.

    3. Cops, who work for the cartels, don't want to be killed by people who armed themselves.

  2. My heart goes out to the family. Tragic events like these have been displayed throughout Mexico with no assistance whatsoever.

  3. Almo is going to make BB famous.

  4. Simon El Smarto, the police can not protect the people so ALMO has to step up and allow the people to have guns. I don't want more guns but what choice do people have? Poems and hugs are for cowards.

    El Chocoflan 3

  5. Us dudes will always be killers and violence prone,man seeing that kid layin there in his room,i knowm its not the right thing to say but,,nothing.Lets hope the scrubs who did this get soaked

  6. WTF? Criminals set fire to the poor hut!

    Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. You have no shame. How many times does this happen in rural or marginalized areas and never makes the news.

    The young Man and his family lived in extreme poverty, and the local authorities demonstrated indifference by the lack of urgency to investigate.

    The local modest Church “closed its doors “

    Mexicans have turned their back on God, so God has turned his back on Mexico.


    1. That may be a "hut" to you, but alot of my friends/familias have graduated to something similar to this from real huts. Palm frond shacks w dirt floors, plywood "shacks" one room added on at a time......when they were finally able to graduate to this level , that plywood shack became the eldest son or daughters place when they get married......That is cinder blocks , cement and some stucco.......meanwhile the ag workers live in real huts, sometimes pallets with a piece of corrugated something if they are lucky , then they get to graduate to one room row houses.......then there are caves. I know an extended family ( perhaps 30 of them ! ) that , literally live in a cave......cardboard for room separations and a little privacy for the newly weds.....and on and on I could go.......every one of them still has a metate w manos that get used everyday and NO electricdomesticos ! a radio wired to a car battery.......aye caramba. That is what they get for NOT working for the cartel.

  7. So what did Oscar do, to problem an attack? Again no weapons for the family to protect themselves from imminent death. And the cops took 10 hours to respond on the 2nd call.

  8. I wonder what this Kid did in order for a group of gunmen to call him out by name and kill him. Did he disrespect one of them or their boss? Was it a love triangle? Or was he a criminal himself and crossed paths with the wrong person? No creo que lo hanigan matado nomas por que si.

    1. I hope BB follows up on this story and posts an update.


  9. The pictures of extreme poverty the kid lived it puts things in perspective of how good some people have it, especially for those in developed nations where safety, housing, transportation, education, food, entertainment, possessions and opportunity abound.

    What recourse do the poor in Mexico have when the Police don’t show for 10 hours as the kid lays dead on his bed which consists of a dirt floor in an impoverished hut?

    The Classism and pecking order in Mexico is astounding!

    BB is one of the few sites that uploads stories that include the poor.



  11. Question is why did he not come out of his house and spared all that fear and grief on his family.... they asked for him by name, this was no accident and yes he was the target... el que juega con lumbre tarde que temprano se quema.... he should have manned, and should have faced his once upon a time associates... my opinion..


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