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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Nuevo Laredo, Tamps: 5 Police Arrested Implicated in Extrajudicial Killings

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaSillaRota y AnimalPolitico y Infobae
Severino Treviño, one of the murdered victims, his daughter witnessed him being dressed up in Military clothing and boots. He had previously been wearing regular clothing and flip flops.

Five Tamaulipas State police officers involved in executions and false reports are arrested:
The elements are indicated by the crimes of qualified homicide, abuse of authority, falsity in reports given to the authorities and an illegal search of a home. Three turned themselves in to make plea deals by co-operating, then two more officers were arrested.

"We manipulated the facts": the perverse details are revealed by police officers involved in the alleged extrajudicial execution of hitmen from the CDN, Cartel de Noreste .

Three agents, who participated in the murder of eight people on September 5, surrendered on their own and will collaborate with the authorities to reveal the manipulation of reports and evidence of multi homicide in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Two more State Police officers were arrested and two more remain fugitives.

On September 5, at least 9 soldiers in Tamaulipas killed 8 assassins ( 5 men and 3 women) in an extrajudicial execution fashion. NOTE: Go back to see our Posts covering this event or use the Search Engine.
Three agents of the Center of Analysis, Intelligence and Studies of the entity (CAIET), who became collaborating witnesses to reveal the manipulation of reports and evidence of the multi homicide of September 5, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

The witnesses were part of the group of seven State Police officers accused of committing an extrajudicial execution against 8 civilians who, according to the authorities, were killed after being ambushed and attacked by them, ie the group of State Police officers who belong to CAIET.

On September 23, the uniformed men had been captured for the crimes of qualified homicide, abuse of authority, falsity in reports given to an authority and illegal search of residence, derived from the operation in question; However, a local judge canceled the arrest warrants against the police officers Juan Carlos Vicencio Zuvirie, Azariel Urbina Argüelles and Concepción Guevara Garza, the officers who voluntarily surrendered.

In return, the agents offered to help with the investigations.“We will provide information related to the reasons why the Homologated Police Report dated September 5, 2019 does not fit the historical truth of the facts under investigation. We will specify the decisions taken by the group leader José Rafael González Villalpando during the operation, ” the uniformed men signed in writing.

                                             BB followers may remember this photograph
In the text, the agents also pledged to provide information on the elements of the National Defense Secretariat that participated in the bloody events.

The first statements Juan Carlos, Azariel and Concepción reveal that their group leader, José Rafael González Villalpando, instructed them to enter homes in search of high-caliber weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and .50 caliber machine guns from the Cartel del Northeast, "There was never the intention of killing them ”, according to the witnesses.

The official versions detail that the officers were ambushed by alleged assassins of the criminal group, "La Tropa del Infierno" , an armed wing of the Northeast Cartel. This triggered the shooting.

Subsequently, the police elements raided an address located in the Valle de Anáhuac neighborhood , which they entered without a search warrant and the alleged CDN criminals died.

At the end of the police intervention, about 15 firearms were secured, and a truck with homemade armor.

In the area, the uniformed men broke into house number 902, located on 7th Avenue. In it, only Severino Treviño , former employee of a refreshment company, his daughter Kasandra and her baby lived.

The three were at home, when state elements entered by force. In her testimony, Kasandra said that by having her son in her arms, she was spared death that morning.

“We were asleep, when suddenly they knocked on the door, and my dad ran with us, but they knocked him back. Five policemen went into the room with me and told me to cover myself and not look them in the face, and then they took me outside, ” the young woman told Televisa News .

Kasandra continued with her story and explained that the agents with long weapons did not identify themselves or show search warrants to enter the home. Meanwhile, her father was taken from the house in a shirt and flip flops and dressed up in a military uniform.

The young woman still remembers in detail that tragedy: "I saw when they put on his pants, boots and a helmet, he was wearing the same outfit  when he was found dead." (See First photo at top)

But it wasn't just Severino. Witnesses saw armored vehicles arrive in which seven people were traveling with their faces covered and handcuffed and they were taken into the home.
After the execution of the alleged hitmen, the police were captured in a convenience store (Photo: Special)

In the text, the agents also pledged to provide information on the elements of the National Defense Secretariat that participated in the extrajudicial events.

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas arrested two of the police officers involved in extrajudicial executions on September 5. The arrest came after three police officers collaborated as witnesses and denounced the facts.

In a statement, the agency explained that officers José Rafael “N” and Ricardo Guadalupe “N” are indicated for the crimes of qualified homicide, abuse of authority, falsity in reports given to the authority and an illegal search of a house.

The events occurred on September 5, 2019 in the Valles de Anáhuac subdivision, in the municipality of Nuevo Laredo, when police officers from the elite group known as the CAIET, Center for Analysis, Intelligence and Studies of Tamaulipas, arrested eight people , who subsequently were found and appeared executed. The authorities reported their murders as a result of a confrontation.

That day, Tamaulipas authorities reported that there was an alleged confrontation between police officers and members of a criminal group that left a balance eight of them dead and  their bodies were exhibited with weapons and uniforms  that identified them as members of the crime.

Relatives of the victims and the Human Rights Committee of Nuevo Laredo showed evidence to an assembly to the media . Tamaulipas appointed a special prosecutor for this case. A Control Judge suspended the original charges against the three officers. 

The defense of the accused requested the duplication of the judicial terms, so the hearing will be Wednesday, November 20 when their legal status is defined, meanwhile the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention was imposed for the duration of the process.
This border entity accustomed to a nightlife, has stopped being traveled to or people doing evening business such as shopping etc due to the police patrol rounds of the city which the hitmen of the Northeast Cartel monitor . Citizens live in fear and mostly stay inside at night.

NOTE: I add that "nightlife" in a Mexican town does NOT just mean "partying"; many businesses still close up shop between 12- 1 pm until 4-5 pm depending on location and are open for regular business until 9-10 pm.


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  2. I thought it was proven that they had were in fact members of CDN?

    1. They were CDN members but they still dressed them up and killed them after which they wrote a fake report saying they were in a gun battle instead of saying we went in and Excuted them.

    2. They are just doing their job, they need to clean the streets of the criminal rats.

    3. They need to clean the streets from criminals, let them clean the streets!

  3. No será una sorpresa cuando los delincuentes comiencen a ser liberados por multitudes de personas completamente enojadas que con razón concluyen que solo los delincuentes tienen derechos porque el dinero es igual a derechos. No puede haber una ley unilateral en una democracia y hacer que la policía o el ejército se vean obligados a usar una pena discriminatoria, entonces es una señal de que está llegando un fallo por la fuerza.

  4. The guy inside the truck got shot with the army clothing on. If you can see the blood penetrated out on the uniform. Did they dress them up abd kill them? Or killed them then dress them up.

  5. I just came from nuevo laredo it seem pretty peaceful for the most part the only ones I saw messing with people were the state police ... I saw them ram an old man's truck because he was stopped at a red light and didnt want to go past it they started cussing at him he looked really terrified and they just laughed at him.... they patrol in a convoy of about 10 trucks all on black

    1. Quit blaming the state police, they must do their job fool.

    2. Fuck them they sold out to the jaliscas and still they cant take them down ....

    3. 4:31 This report says tamaulipas state police officers are being arrested for fabricating falsos positivos...some got charges dropped in exchange for testifying and military helped.
      Go back and read the motherfacking report DUMBO

  6. Readers....
    Sins of the parents visit the children.

    What you are witnessing in Mexico, are the Fruits of the Mexican Revolution, 1917 Constitution, and more.

    AMLO can’t change anything of major significance, yet he will be the reason things get much much worse.
    For that, we can thank the socialist AMLO voters.

    If Mexico really wants to change for the better, start by producing better citizens. Then moral and upright people, will impact all levels of society in a positive way.


    1. Can't overcome ignorance my friend.
      Not all people are bad.

  7. N now human resources is gonna stick out for these foos but what about when cdn kills cops or do massive killings?


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