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Friday, November 29, 2019

Morelos: Express Kidnappings on The Pera-Cuautla Highway

Video translation is as follows:
Yuriria Sierra: This is not only one of the most famous and dangerous highways in the world. It is also a kidnappers operation zone. Please have a look at this.

Female Reporter: The kidnapping of former chancellor Alejandro Olveras Jiménez and his wife uncovered the modus operandi for the gangs dedicated at the express kidnappings on the Pera-Cuautla highway. Some of the victims are killed by their captors. On November 13, the former chancellor’s vehicle suffered a flat tire and he stopped in a section near the Oacalco collection booth. He was kidnapped. And 2 days later he was released. Another couple was kidnapped on November 19. Their bodies were found in the State of Mexico last Friday the 22nd. For them there was no justice. Nor did the state apparatus mobilize to rescue them.

Martín Curiel: There are many clandestine wood line passages that these kidnappers who are dedicated in these matters have been opening. To put it bluntly there are several clandestine passages here in La Pera - Cuautla highway, in the Mexico - Cuernavaca highway and in the Cuernavaca - Acapulco highway as well. There’s a greater number of clandestine entrances or clandestine exits. And this is where these people escape through.

Female Reporter: In trying to close these wood line passages that allow criminals to flee, road and bridge workers have been injured and threatened.

Martín Curiel: Now the problem we are experiencing is that our personnel who come to close these accesses are attacked, are threatened with rifles.

Female Reporter: Federal and State authorities have not been able to stop these criminal gangs.

Martín Curiel: Well, now the modality or this kidnapping activity has been aggravating a bit here in this part of the Pera-Cuautla region. It is a narrow 2-lane road. It is a direct road from Cuautla. And what I regret to inform is that the Federal Highway Police has not demonstrated its capacity.

Female Reporter: Road travelers also know that this is a dangerous road and take precautions.

Captain Villa: As always you keep your doors locked and windows rolled up. If someone crashes into me, oh well. I keep driving forward, right? If there’s an obstacle in my way I evade it. If they puncture my tires I’ll drive in reverse. The thing is not to face these delinquents because there’s bound to be more of them than you.

Laura Domínguez: I'm driving through here to Mexico City. And from Mexico City I come through here again. And in no way would I dare stop on this roadway. I would still try to move forward which ever way I could even if the car is broken down.

Female Reporter: Up until today the safety on this highway has not improved and the emergency buttons mostly do not work.

Yuriria Sierra: So now you know that if you are going through the Pero-Cautla highway. Ensure that you take double precautions on your road trip. Just as well also in case someone wants to catch you off guard.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Almo says everything is fine. The people r Happy Happy. I am not going to Mexico. Everyone down there can stay happy Happy

  2. One thing for sure Amlo will say the reporter is wrong

  3. So, a famous actor gets kidnapped and right away all forces mobilize for his rescue. But if just another face in the crowd of people is abducted nothing happens. Not even a peep. Goes to show who has importance and who doesn’t. It’s no wonder why some people resort to crime.

  4. This is really exaggerated. Im from cuautla and this has never been as big a problem as the bs I just read.

    1. And your country is safe, no one gets killed.

  5. In Summary - some highways in Mexico are dangerous to drive on due to attacks by armed criminal groups. Specifically mentioned is the Pera-Cuautla highway. Federal and State authorities have not been able to stop these criminal gangs. Advice - Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up.If someone crashes into you keep driving forward. If your tires are punctured drive in reverse. YIKES.


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