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Monday, November 25, 2019

Monterrey, Nuevo León: Dismembered Male Identified as Ministerial Agent

Authorities reported that one of the bodies, which were located in plastic bags, corresponds to a ministerial agent

The deputy prosecutor of the Attorney General's Office of Nuevo León, Luis Enrique Orozco, confirmed that one of the mutilated bodies that were left outside the Seventh Military Zone last Wednesday corresponds to that of a ministerial agent.

The man was 41 years old at the time of his death and belonged to the Directorate of Protection of Citizens, assigned to the state of Michoacán to serve as an escort for public servants.

In addition, he explained that an identification of the official, who lived in Jalisco, was located, therefore concluding that he was not from Monterrey.

"The identification process is running since there were several remains that were found and this process will probably be concluded today. As for the other person, the process continues, has not been completed, they have been at a standstill by two people who claim to be family. The process of identification by DNA is in progress, ”Orozco said.

He noted that it has not yet been determined where and how the victims were killed, but there are indications that the second male would also be originally from Jalisco.

The other five bodies located in Monterrey and Escobedo inside plastic bags, he explained that they were already delivered to their respective families, and the one found in Apodaca is still being investigated.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. He was trafficking meth from Michoacan to Monterrey

  2. How do we know that?

  3. Ministeriales...Boy I tell ya. They get assigned to one state and then use their badges to kidnap people in other states confiscate cars, run scams, and sell dope. Back a few years ago you could buy a night of crime from some ministeriales, for 25 thousand dollars and that gave you the green light o rob steal and murder without regard for the law. Then it seemed like some guys bought them all. That´s when things got bad.
    Those guys will torture Men, women, and children to get confesions. Way back in the day they were called Judiciales. They would shove mineral water with hot sauce up your nose. Or they would tie you to a bare wire matress, chunk water on you and then shock you with electricity...That one really sucked. It was used in Tamaulipas. Some of the scummiest law enforcement officials on the suthern side of the border. They even dress like the cartels they work for. For a while it was a plaid shirt, halfway unbuttoned trom the top, and embroidered belt and belt buckles, jeans and cowboy boots. They hung out in, ragged out, brand new cars with bumper guards, coked out of their minds of course. Any clown can be one too. Of courrse there's no trianing required. With a bribe of course!... Don't worry the cartel will pay. Some ministeriales lived down the street. When the narco bloqueos happened that's where the skinny young thugs would leave to go block the roads. A few months ago one went to jail because he set two of his partners up to be murdered.
    They are one of the main connections with the underworld. They know everyone from hookers and pimps to street dealers and politicians. The drug dealers they befriend, with a bribe, they get all chummy. Then, they arrest them when there's an election or a change in government to show they´re working.
    What experiences have you had with Ministeriales? For example they wouldn't look for my friends stolen motorcycle without a bribe. Later, they found his aunts car. Just a couple of hours after she paid her bribe.


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