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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Los Rojos: Atlacholoaya Prison Riot in Morelos

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source

Video translation is as follows:

Reporter: Stripped, decapitated, and lit on fire. Thus ended the riot between convicts in the Atlacholoaya prison 22 days ago. There were 6 dead inmates and 2 others injured. Not a month has passed and once again convicts of this prison confronted each other once more.

According to witnesses, a group of inmates from the entrance area began throwing Molotov bombs at the maximum security area where they were members of Los Rojos. Among them Alexis Oswaldo Mazari, son of El Carrete.

Los Rojos responded by jumping across the fence that divides them and began a confrontation with knives and sticks. Relatives of the prisoners began to arrive at the prison once they heard the rumor that there were several dead and wounded inside. But due to the lack of response from the authorities they ran through the prisons first ring of security.

Female # 1: Why is there so many wounded inside and not a single fucking doctor?

Male: We have family here not dogs! You’re all lacking balls!

Female # 2: We want a list brought to us of who all is injured inside.

Reporter: Almost 10 hours after this riot the governor of Morelos Cuauhtémoc Blanco reported that the control of the prison had been resumed. He took the opportunity to blame the previous government for the lack of delay that they inherited with the prison.

Subsequently, the Morelos government reported that 2 inmates died and another 10 were injured. 4 of them in serious condition. Just as well 1 of them had to be taken by helicopter to the Temixco hospital. The dead inmates were identified as members of Los Rojos.

One of them is Miguel Ángel Benítez Ruiz aka El Chisto. Who was plaza chief of the criminal group and second in command. He was arrested in February 2013 and sentenced to 40 years in prison for kidnapping and rape. In addition, the murder of 12 people in 2012 has also been linked to him.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: Well after this mutiny Alexis Oswaldo Mazari, the son of El Carrete and 2 other members of Los Rojos were transferred to a federal high security prison. The one in the municipality of Ocampo in Guanajuato. Military elements of the National Guard, and agents from the state prosecutor’s office as well as State Police guarded a vehicle to take them to the Temixco airport. And from there they took them to a National Guard helicopter and flew them to this federal prison.


  1. Video contains images of dead decapitated individuals burned to death. Don’t look if you are squeamish to these matters

  2. the worst part is to be murdered with your hands tied behind your back, the riot may have been a ruse to kill somebody for collaboration, who were the influential molotov throwers?

  3. Can you guys get info on a narcomanta and body found in villa de reyes S.l.P? Never really hear much from slp so kinda interested.

    1. Post is ready. Just waiting for it to launch.

  4. CJNG GOT THEM BACK HARD for what Los ROJOS did to the plaza boss of morelos for cjng last month..
    Cjng is no joke

  5. If i was carretes son i would keep shank and watch my back,wonder if that was what kicked it off,they saw him and tried to touch him?

  6. the prisons need to allow full gang fights inside the walls to help eliminate the shit that is there

  7. The state governor blaming past administrations for lack of STATE prison funding? Nice try! If he knew the prison lacked certain security protections, maybe it's up to him to allocate funding to make those reforms happen. Or maybe he's to busy lining his own pockets to care. Funding for prisons seems to fall just below police accountability and integrity programs and environmentalism


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