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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

LeBaron execution style hit in Juarez

Juárez, Mexico - Drug cartels have already adopted the LeBaron family style of massacre against their rivals to perpetrate their revenge.

Two men were executed and burned this afternoon in a vehicle in the south eastern side of the city.

Neighbors of the Salvárcar neighborhood reported to the authorities the execution of a man aboard a car.

The execution took place on Calle Manuel Acuña and Calle Guanajuato, where the two men were executed and their vehicle set on fire.

The bodies were burning away because the thugs set the Nissan Altima vehicle in which they were traveling ablaze.

Video translation is as follows:

Hello, good afternoon. We are presently in Salvárcar, the neighborhood Salvárcar where a brutal murder was just registered a few moments ago. The male victims were on board this Nissan Altima vehicle. They were initially riddled with gunfire and then the hitmen set their vehicle on fire. Causing severe burns on their bodies according to the initial report.

One of them managed to open the door and run. The other fell dead next to the vehicle. Currently, experts from the state attorney general's office are engaged in the processing and lifting of evidence at the crime scene. We reiterate that this crime just transpired on Calle Manuel Acuña and Calle Guanajuato here in the south eastern end of Ciudad Juarez.

We can see one of the bodies lying next to the vehicles driver side. The other is next to the passengers side door. Let's make this view a little clearer. And you can see the other body there face down in a pool of blood. We also see the work of experts from the state attorney general's office. Just as well we also see some traffic cones with shell casings spread around the vehicle. Apparently these men were parked here waiting for someone.

According to neighbors they are not from this area, no one has established that they’re from around here, nor has anyone locally recognized any of these men. And unfortunately we have this extremely violent event in which unknown men were shot and then set on fire, these individuals were burned to death here in the Salvarca neighborhood. This information that has been registered so far is what we currently have. There is also talk of other violent events throughout other parts of the city. We are going to travel there to confirm these developments. And we will bring you the news. So stay tuned.

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  1. Now they are burning innocent people in cars.

  2. Have they not killed and set fire to vehicles in the past? I like your site but do not reach so far with that title. You are better then that.

  3. Wow, really "LeBaron execution style hit" smh

  4. A lot of busses being set on fire here in Juarez.

  5. So this time the ones killed were most likely “Mexicans”
    Let’s see how fast they( Mexican authorities) arrest a person of interest!!!


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