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Saturday, November 9, 2019

La Nueva Familia Michoacana Kills Cártel Guerreros Unidos Nueva Generación Member

A man was shot to death in the town of Rancho del Cura, in the municipality of Iguala in the state of Guerrero, in Mexico, but not before having been questioned by drug traffickers from the Guerreros Unidos Cartel and La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM).

According to the information circulating on social networks, the subject allegedly belonged to the Cártel Guerreros Unidos Nueva Generación (CGUNG) which is led by a subject who goes by the nickname El Nueve.

In the video the subject mentions that he and the criminal group he belonged to were behind kidnappings, extortion and murder, among other crimes, in addition to a corruption network in which authorities are allegedly involved.

Warning: Graphic image

And as usually happens in these cases, those who interrogated him did not forgive his life. The corpse of this man was reported found to the authorities at the edge of the federal highway Iguala-Chilpancingo.

The place was attended by paramedics and Municipal Police who located the man with gun shots on his body, lying face down on the side of the road.

The area was cordoned off by police officers, while the staff of the Prosecutor's Office of Guerrero carried out the legal proceedings where they found at least five bullet casings from a 9 mm gun.

According to reports, the victim had at least one gun shot wound in his head. After the proceedings, the body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Services.

Video translation is as follows:
Interrogator: What’s your name?
Oscar: Oscar Facundo Torrez Ruiz.
Interrogator: Who do you work for?
Oscar: I work for El 9.
Interrogator: Who are the ones causing the chaos in Iguala (Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero)?
Oscar: It is El 9 with his mob.
Interrogator: Where are they bringing in people from?
Oscar: They’re coming in from the Sierra.
Interrogator: Who ordered for the mantas to be placed here in Iguala?
Oscar: It was El 9 and his mob.
Interrogator: How many operatives do you guys have in town?
Oscar: We have at least 20 operatives.
Interrogator: Who all gets extorted here in Iguala?
Oscar: The markets, the meat butchers and the Mariana store gets extorted. They support us.
Interrogator: How many have you guys killed?
Oscar: We’ve killed many people. At my job I’ve heard of a lot of people who get killed.
Interrogator: How many kidnappings have you committed?
Oscar: So far I’ve done many kidnappings.
Interrogator: Where is El 9 hiding?
Oscar: He hides in Olea (Olea Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero) and in Balsas (Balsas Sur Eduardo Neri, Guerrero).
Interrogator: Who are the Deputy’s that support who guys?
Oscar: We are supported by the Deputy’s from Xalitla (Xalitla, Guerrero), Olea, and Balsas.
Interrogator: Where does he have his safe houses?
Oscar: He has 1 in Pajaritos (Los Pajaritos, Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero), Guacamayas (Las Guacamayas, Guerrero), and a ranch in Fermín Rabadán Cervantes, in which he has always had party’s there. I was among them once when they arrived in many trucks and they killed some people who were there. Afterwards they buried them all there.
Interrogator: How many extortions have you all made?
Oscar: Here lately we’ve extorted a lot of people.
Interrogator: Which government agencies support you guys?
Oscar: We are supported by the State Police.
Interrogator: Which patrols support you guys?
Oscar: Patrol Vehicles 191 and 260.
Interrogator: Which journalists support El 9?
Oscar: Wendy Ocampo. She’s the person that gives them intel.
Interrogator: Who are closest to El 9?
Oscar: Sebum, Lapillo, Cabayerango, Kiko, and El Pollo,
Interrogator: Who robbed the Mercado Joyería?
Oscar: The jewelry store was robbed by El 9 and his mob. And they went to drop off some motorcycles yesterday...

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. In the interview, it'a different setting than I'm used to seeing. The lighting ia afternoon and not in a forest. While he testifies, and before that is translated, he appears to be smarter than most people you see interrogated, and provided information you typically don't see at a depth of (2) patrol car numbers in Aguila. They shot him in the head, for the good intel. If not provided . . he would've been flayed by the Mexican Monsters.

    2. Shoot man be careful watching the hard stuff. That stuff can seriously scar you. But thanks anyway for the warning.
      El Smarto

  2. Gracias Sol. When and why did Guerreros Unidos split?

  3. Cowards killing cowards nothing new

  4. They made him snitch everything

  5. Beat me and put a gun to my head and I will confess to being one of the pilots that crashed in to the world trade centers and will give up all of the names of people involved.

  6. Mi pregunta tiene poco que ver con el asunto aqui. ¿Alguien ha tratado de mantener un registro de los detenidos de Sedena o el SSP? ¿El número del narcotraficante acusado? ¿Qué les pasó entonces? ¿Fueron a un reclusorio? ¿Por cuánto tiempo estuvieron encarcelados? Puede ser completamente correcto que un ciudadano que sea atrapado con un arma largo .22 no registrado pueda pasar más tiempo que un narco secuestro atrapado con un cargamento de armas largas militares y sacos de drogas. Es enfermo nuestra sistema de justicia.

  7. Gunshot to the head is downright compassionate these days in Mexico

  8. One criminal down! Where’s the downside to this??

    1. One of the hundreds of thousands of lives who could have contributed & benefited society, planet. If chosen wisely of course.
      Life shouldn't be discarded. Nor neglected. Rather, nourished to become who we are. What we can be.
      This unfortunate trend needs to be reversed.

  9. Where does El Playa fall into all this to my understanding he’s a heavy hitter from Guerrero..

    1. Ya no escuches tantos corridos pendejo. Te hacen daño.


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