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Monday, November 25, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Narco Terrorism at S-Mart Convenience Store

Note: Sol says the video is 'safe' for everyone to view

Dozens of customers ran terrified tonight unleashing a shooting at the S-Mart convenience store on Calle Carlos Amaya.

Witnesses in the store lived minutes of terror when hitmen executed a man in the parking lot.

The armed attack was set off against a white car that hit the convenience store carts.

Paramedics and municipal confirmed his death after he received at least five gun shot wounds.

Police officers responded to the armed attack and exchanged gunfire. Afterwards they stopped the gangsters several blocks later.

The shopping center is located on Calle Tixtla and Calle Carlos Amaya.

S-Mart customers have been worried about the crime rate in the stores parking lot and the absence of police.

S-Mart parking customers have reported several individuals of Central American accent who assault customers when they leave the store.

Video translation is as follows:
Good evening to our followers. Again we’re here to update a little more information that was given in the wake of this shooting. An execution at the S-Mart convenience store on Carlos Amaya street. A person aboard this white vehicle that we have in front of us has lost his life after this unfortunate event. Municipal agents intercepted the hitmen, those allegedly responsible for this homicide.

There was a confrontation near the Colonia San Antonio. According to the information given to us the hitmen were arrested at the intersection of Calle Suecia and Calle Madrid in this neighborhood. I repeat the information given to us is that there was a shooting and an execution at the S-Mart convenience store on Calle Tixtla and Calle Carlos Amaya.

The vehicle is parked here in the parking area with the body aboard. The information given afterwards is that Municipal Agents intercepted those responsible in the vicinity of Colonia San Antonio. There was an exchange of gunfire and they managed to capture them on the streets of Calle Suecia and Calle Madrid.

This is the information we have so far. As you can see all the streets adjacent here to the S-Mart convenience store, Calle Puerto Alegre, and the other one that is here behind me is completely closed to vehicle circulation. The Calle Carlos Amaya is still open.

They are waiting for elements from the Prosecutor's Office and crime experts for the lifting of evidence. Just as well forensic medical service personnel for the lifting of the body. I repeat these acts came about after these unfortunate incidents, this attack at the S-Mart convenience store on Carlos Amaya Street.

It is said that the capture of those responsible was achieved after an open exchange of gunfire with agents from the Municipal Police in Colonia San Antonio.

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  1. There is shootings everyday in Cuauhtémoc but it is never reported

    1. We'll be happy it's now reported, Viva MEXICO!


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