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Friday, November 22, 2019

Juarez, Chihuahua: La Línea Cartel Kills Undercover Female Officer

Within the Government Palace there should be a serious concern about the harassment from organized crime.

The Linea Cartel has taken their threats against the state government very seriously and has not ceased to riddle with gunfire the Ministerial and State Police agents.

This afternoon the most recent fatal attack against the State Prosecutor's forces took place.

Two state agents were shot in the heart of Ciudad Juarez, when both officers were driving in a Mitsubishi car along Avenida Juarez and María Martínez.

One of the police died at the scene and another was hospitalized in very serious condition. The deceased officer is a policewoman named Chavez. The injured officer is Pedro Morales.

Both came from Cuauhtémoc commissioned for operations at Cereso and the two were in uniforms.

The area was immediately cordoned off. With this act the total number of executions for the month of November is 104 so far.

Video translation is as follows:

Good afternoon. We’re currently in the Central Zone between the streets of Maria Martinez (Calle Profesora Maria Martinez)  and Juarez (Avenida Juarez). Where a few minutes ago an armed attack was carried out against elements of the State Security Commission (CES - Comisión Estatal de Seguridad).

Unfortunately, one of the agents lost her life and another one resulted in injuries. I repeat it’s at the intersection of Maria Martinez and Juarez where this confrontation occurred. As we can see, a large sector is being cordoned off here on Avenida Juárez to preserve the crime scene.

The events occurred on Avenida Juarez between Mejía (Calle Ignacio Mejía) and Maria Martínez. I repeat there’s a dead policewoman and another with injuries. This is the information that has been given to us here in this area. However, the prosecuting agent will be responsible for securing the crime scene to this shooting.

This happened just a few minutes ago.  It is said that the elements from the CES were ambushed. As a result one agent lost her life. And another one is injured with gunshot wounds to his head. This is the unofficial information that they have given us.

And well, this is the unfortunate news this afternoon here in Ciudad Juarez. We repeat there was a shooting in Zona Centro on Avenida Juárez and Maria Martinez. As balance an element of the State Security Commission killed. And another more seriously injured.

Good evening to all the followers. Once again transmitting here from the Central Zone to update a little the information that was given a few minutes ago. We confirm this was an armed attack against elements of the CES. It is said that the agents were traveling in a red Jetta vehicle. Apparently doing undercover work.

I reiterate this is the unofficial information. That has been slowly given to us. As a result a female agent from the State Security Commission died. Another one was taken in serious condition to receive medical attention. The attack happened just a few meters from where we’re standing. The red vehicle which is very close to where you see that group of uniformed elements.

I repeat it is Avenida Juárez between Mejía and Maria Martinez. The mobilization continues, several blocks are surrounded nearby. There is no vehicle circulation on Avenida Juárez and Mejía as well as María Martínez. There is no vehicle circulation in either direction.

If you are going to use Avenida Juárez today with the intention of traveling to the neighboring city of El Paso, we recommend using another international crossing. Or try to go around as close as possible to the Santa Fe Bridge. For this reason the road will remain closed.

I repeat once again it is Avenida Juárez between Mejía and Maria Martinez where a few minutes ago elements of the CES were shot. It is said that they were traveling in a red Jetta vehicle apparently doing undercover work. However, this information will be officially confirmed to us by the authorities in the next few minutes.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. There’s a radio code in the underworld that goes out whenever the police are nearby which is: Hay va la papa. And what it means is that the police are on their way. It’s a very simple code with not much meaning because it’s said in slang. And more than likely as these officers were about to go through that kill zone this code went out on a radio frequency.

    1. No inventes solecito

    2. @1:04 E tenido la oportunidad de escuchar ciertas cosas. Pero pues de que sirve si todo cambia en un 2 por 3.

  2. I guess she was no so undercover, inside job someone gave her cover away.

    1. Wearing a uniform (prison?) identifies you as govt. even if in an unmarked car.

  3. Wow even lady cops are untouchable, is this the same cartel, that killed the LeBron kids and mother's.????

    1. It says La Línea(CDJ?) killed the woman officer and the other officer is in very serious condition. CDS killed the LeBarons in Sonora.

    2. November 22, 2019 at 2:10 PM

    3. They are touchable is what you meant to say. Untouchable means that they wouldn't have shot her.

    4. 5:41 La Linea no entra a Sonora compa. Ahora nunca a matado a Americanos nada mas porke si haci que no lo va a hacer en Sonora tampoco nada mas porke si. Fue Sinaloa quien mato a los Lebaron.

  4. These Estatales probably ripped off the wrong person. Every time they show up to Juarez most of the things they accomplish is ripping people off, some work for CDS obvious La Linea is going to take them out especially if they took someone, the wrong someone for a lot of money. Last year when they arrived, there were a lot of shootings against the Estatales as well. I know a few people who have had run ins with them. It's the holiday season, them, as well as every other law enforcement is out to get their unauthorized christmas bonus.

  5. They were in uniform says 1 sentence and another says they were doing undercover work (in uniforms)?

  6. 104 so far in November? This wave started with a massacre in a restaurant I accidentally went to a few months ago. Crazy.

  7. Something tells me that's a very fucking dangerous job!

  8. They were coming from Cuauhtémoc and Cuauhtémoc police is under the Sinaloa cartel most police work for the cartel I’m sure these guys were corrupt AF and did shit for Sinaloa they have kidnapped a ton of police working with Sinaloa in Cuauhtémoc they have been at war since I can remember living as a kid in Cuauhtémoc the plaza has been at war for more then 15 years , arriva la manzana


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