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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hooded Student Group Make Security Demands at Preparatory School 8 "Miguel E. Schulz"

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y ElHeraldo

Hooded Student group take over the  facilities of Prepa School 8 from UNAM , located in the Álvaro Obregón City Hall of Mexico City, and closed the accesses .
They demand an end to gender violence, as well as the insecurity and sale of drugs inside and outside the campus; demand attention to their requirements or will not deliver the campus.

From an early hour a group of presumed students with their faces covered took the facilities of the National Campus 8 "Miguel E. Schulz" High School , located on avenue Lomas de Plateros without number, corner Francisco P. Miranda Colonia Merced Gómez with Álvaro Obregón.

The dissatisfied students read a petition document in which they demand an end to gender violence, as well as the insecurity and sale of drugs and narcotics inside and outside the campus.

In another show of dissatisfaction at the level of insecurity normal hard working Mexican citizens have to deal with in their daily lives, students are demanding safe conditions at their schools and freedom from the over bearing danger of the environment put upon them by criminal elements.

Failure to comply with at least 50% of their demands or the student group threaten not to deliver the facilities back to a functioning institution. In addition, they demanded transparency on the budget allocated to the educational center. The protests were rowdy although have not turned violent. 
Some parents are on the outskirts of the campus and have seconded the demands of young people with their faces covered. Outside the campus, parents show support for the requests of their dissatisfied children and young adults, who also ask for a transparent use of the budget for High School .

They also demand that there be no repression against these types of protests and student movements.

The hooded ones have declared that if the authorities of the establishment do not fulfill them 50% of their demands they will not deliver the facilities. So far they have prevented access to students, administrative staff and teachers.

Meanwhile, elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) remain in the immediate vicinity of the educational campus.


  1. Wait weren't all these problems because of US drug consumers, not Mexican consumer (or other) demand?

    1. Drugs don't discriminate.

    2. 10:51 USA USA USA!

    3. No kidding. It's about time all these fools stop blaming the U.S. for all their woes and start taking responsibility for the own societal breakdowns.

  2. Just more thugs in the making

  3. Soy viejo y tengo muchos problemas médicos y económicos. Mi carro tiene 25 años. Pero leer sobre los abusadores de drogas que adictan a los jóvenes quedan atrapados en el uso de drogas y luego roban y roban para pagarlos. Esto es inteligente? No, muestra que tenemos demasiados jóvenes que no tienen fuerza interior, ni inteligencia para negar lo que no debería ser una tentación en primer lugar. Mota no es adictivo, pero demasiados jóvenes insisten en conducir un automóvil mientras están ebrios. Nuevamente, como conducir después de tomar demasiado alcohol, es un signo de debilidad. Pero muy pocos toxicodos roban, roban y matan por su ansia de alcohol. Pido disculpas porque simplemente no entiendo por qué existe esta debilidad. Es a la vez enojado y frustrante. Es algo muy similar al público y la policía donde la gente les dice que no les pagarán más porque continuarán robando.

  4. Students can demand all they want.....

    The Mexican Government, and Elite, Rich, country club Mexicans, who get away with not paying taxes and more, don’t give a shit about the average “Jose and Maria” students, at some local school.


  5. I don't know if I applaud their efforts for trying. This being that political and economic reasons have been established for criminal operations. Resulting with these poor individuals to get slaughtered by those who prefer otherwise.
    Truly doubt that agreements with criminals will ever be obtained.

  6. Appears to be a common problem in CDMX. Here is an article of several other instances at other schools


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