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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Xaltianguis, Guerrero: Federal Forces Raid Xaltianguis Community In Search Of Los Dumbos Group

Video translation is as follows:

Newscaster: Federal forces conducted an operation to detain members of Los Dumbos criminal group.

Female Reporter: Elements of the armed forces, National Guard, and State Police deployed an operation of 350 elements in the community of Xaltianguis to execute an arrest warrant against leaders of the armed group Los Dumbos, who call themselves Xaltianguis Security System (SSX). They have caused blockages and vehicle fires since last Monday. The agents toured and searched several things in search of the leaders of the organization that is led by Daniel Adame Pompa. At 1 pm they reported the initial start of the operation. In which drugs, tactical vests, cell phones and vehicles were seized. However, the capture of any member of Los Dumbos was not detailed.

Jorge Zuriel de Los Santos: Seized were 37 long and short firearms for exclusive use. 2 metal tubes of approximately one meter to make homemade bombs. As well as 4 tactical boots, a drone, 2 computers, various cases, 15 vehicles seized, and 11 people arrested so far. In Xaltianguis, classes are still suspended as well as trade and transport activities are paralyzed after the acts of violence recorded since last Monday. Mainly fighting and vehicle fires all around. Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores acknowledged strong violations of the law in recent days in Xaltianguis

Héctor Astudillo: There are problems like this case of Xaltianguis. As we can see children and teachers don’t go to school. I think it would be the only case, we hope everything will be restored as soon as possible after the interventions. I think it is important to restore normality here. Unfortunately, this has generated a climate of confrontations, too much violence, and many but many actions outside the law.

Female Reporter: In the 3 Days of conflict, 35 members of the UPOEG (Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero) and Los Dumbos community groups have been arrested. As well as 22 cars and more than 40 firearms for the exclusive use of the army have been seized.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. This criminal group was not paying bribe money, therefore they send in agencies to bring them down. What an irony they don't do this to catch other cartels.

  2. Well the thing is that this group is so small rn to the point where they can clamp down on them all at once other groups ( cartels ) are already to big so I think there trying to catch them b4 they get to big


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