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Thursday, November 14, 2019

General Escobedo, Nuevo León: Tropa del Infierno Kills Esmeralda Karen Martínez

Sol says the video is "safe" to view...

The murdered and mutilated person whose body was abandoned in a black bag in two different parts of the municipality of Escobedo was officially identified. She was Esmeralda Karen Martinez of 31 years of age. The Attorney General of Nuevo León is currently investigating this case.

The Cartel del Noreste abandoned the remains of a woman in the Libramiento Noreste of the Concordia neighborhood, in Escobedo, Nuevo León.

The victim was identified as Esmeralda Karen Martínez, 31 years old. Before killing her they recorded her saying that she sold drugs for Esteban Cantú to someone known as El Titan.

She mentions that she worked for the Ministerial Authorities as well as being protected and having everything under control by organized crime. The woman was dismembered and abandoned with a narco message where they accused the government of collaborating with the sale of drugs.

The events were allegedly carried out by La Tropa del Infierno, the armed wing of the CDN (Cartel del Noreste) in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

Manta reads as follows: 
This goes out to Esteban Cantu and Raul aka El Titan. You both use your power within government to do dumb shit like sell cocaine, crystal meth, weed, and commit executions. Just like the recent incinerated bodies that have appeared inside burned out vehicles. After all you have your expert personnel under threat if they so much as speak out against you. Just where do you have that Ministerial Policeman who delivered a quota of 200 thousand per week? You threatened his family with death. Sincerely, The Tropa del Infierno

Video translation is as follows:

My name is Karen Martinez and I work for Jorgillo and the Ministerial Authorities. We sold drugs for Esteban Cantu and El Titan. Esteban Cantu you said that you’d protect me and that everything was already arranged with organized crime. You said we had a truce. 

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Video is safe for everyone to see

    1. Chopped up body ewwee and she taught the local police was protecting her.

  2. Another life gone. That cartel that killed her is doing the same, extortion, selling drugs.

    1. Like it's ok with Amlo

    2. 4:10 being in government and using your position to be a drug trafficker is treason to your oath as an elected official, traitors need to be shot gunned in the ass and get hanged from their balls until they heal.
      --Cartels are at least doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  3. Bola de putillos. No pueden con el mentado Cantu y matan a los pendejos de este.
    Haci son todos los culos narcoa.
    Maten a los meros chingones y dejen de andar con pendejadas de cartulinas bola de culos.

  4. Esa tropa del infierno son mas hipocritas que el cds, no les acaban de tumbar a un torcuatillo que su familia estaba vendiendo pozole para su entierro? El pedo es que que carne es la que usaron para el pozole?

  5. 4:10. Yea but they are a drug cartel. That’s what they do. Sell drugs and kill people. The government can’t be doing that. I approve.

  6. I tell you who kill woman are cowards nothing brave about it in my eyes you are not man Cartel del noroeste and I'm sure I'm in you hit list for telling it how it is CDN but I ain't no woman I'm a real Hombre I rather die in my feet thant in my knees
    Pistolero Profesional

    1. You can’t die in your knees bruh

  7. Cuando eres torturado, violan y enfrente el muerto, k te digan todos k lo digas. Quien sabes k es verdad? Todos de los sicarios k cortando los cuerpos de las personas hay pinches perros y desgraciada al razo humano!


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