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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Cemei Verdia, Former Autodefensa, Ambushed In Colima

 Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

The death of the former leader of the autodefensas of the Sierra-Costa of Michoacán, Cemeí Verdia Zepeda, was reported on Thursday night.  He was reportedly being transferred to a hospital in Jalisco after being ambushed in Colima by armed subjects.

Updated 11/29

Through social networks and on his official account, reports arose about the ambush in which he was seriously injured.  He was immediately transferred to a hospital to receive first aid, however, unofficial sources confirmed the death of the autodefensa, who since 2012, rose up in arms with a group of residents of the Sierra-Costa of Michoacán to defend their territory from organized crime groups.

Other close sources have reported that he is still alive but in serious condition.

Subsequently, the autodefensa movements of José Manuel Mireles Valverde and Hipólito Mora in the Tierra Caliente region began.

A month ago, Verdia Zepeda denounced on national media that there is still an insecurity crisis in the coastal zone and the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán and that violent acts such as murders and clashes between cartels have increased in recent months.

He even pointed out that the leaders of the autodefensa groups that participated in the movement in 2013 have received death threats from organized crime groups and the Community Police.  In his case, he had to leave the municipality of Aquila to go to Jalisco to have greater protection.  He had already been warned for months by armed subjects.

In July of this year, the former autodefensa leader also denounced that crime groups had wanted to make him disappear, so he had gone to Morelia to publicly request the federal government to provide greater security, because “they have been ignoring my request, especially the Mexican Army since they’ve been the ones participating in illegal things,” he said.

11/29 Update:

Cemeí Antonio Verdía Zepeda, former autodefensa leader of the indigenous municipality of Aquila, is in stable in a hospital in the State of Jalisco, after he was shot at yesterday when in the company of several day laborers as he prepared the land in a papaya orchard in Colima.

A relative of Verdía Zepeda, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, reported that this morning Zepeda continues to be in a private Jalisco hospital, where he was transferred by his companions.

The attack occurred yesterday afternoon in a papaya orchard located in Colima, near the border area with Michoacán, where an alleged hitman shot Verdía Zepeda with a firearm, apparently .22 caliber.

Sources: Mi Morelia20 Minutos


  1. The government does not want autodefensas, yet when he requested Federal help, they did nothing, clear example, that the Army, and higher-ups are in cullision with criminal cartels.

  2. OMG......."another" worst fear come true; my morning shock of the day.....thank you Valor for posting this. I wish I could put my favorite photo of him on a comment.
    all thoughts and sympathies to his familia y compas.
    A huge loss.

  3. El ejercito complice del Gobernsdor y sus juerzas rurales,
    it would be hard for the PRD lose michuakan, very hard,
    MORENA no los quiere por traidores.

  4. although I would not wish death on him, he has been a very controversial figure in recent years. His own people gave him the boot.

    He used to be a hero----I will leave it at that

    Most reports say he is injured not killed.

    1. Oh, damn.....where will it end. well, as you say i still do not wish death upon him.

    2. 8:05 AM Chivis I see your opinion when it comes to Cemei has changed drastically. Has the same thing happened with Mireles and Hipolito?

    3. It has not changed so much as I respect what he and the coastal AD did and attempted to do. As for the controversy I don't wan to believe it. But when he turned his back on his people then attempted to return. They were not having it.

      Lito I NEVER trusted

      Doc is living his best life. I have no contact with him but do with a close relative and one of his best friends. I was told he was warned to stay out of controversy and not contact those he regularly contacted with before.

      They confiscated his samsung when he was arrested. it has all his contacts. castillo said everyone would be investigated on his contact list. I was very concerned as I could get deported for even "becoming involved politically". The last text I rec was 2 hrs before his arrest in La Mira. He was there to help with the election of AD leaders.

      He will always have to look over his shoulder, but he can live a nice life and now he is making jup the two years of medical practice he needed to assure his pension.

      He is not a perfect human being, he would tell you that himself. But he was sincere in his fight to create a secure environment, and they were successful until EPN sent in Castillo

    4. Chivis so what is your view on the Autodefensas has it changed? The whole part of we were a soup of different cartels mixed with people who thought they were doing a service to free themselves and the people around them from the scourge that were the Templarios? Not realizing we were doing Pena Nietos and El PRIs dirty work. Which was helping them eliminate one of their main sponsors and not pay back Los Templarios the favors they asked them for.

      From what I have managed to gather about Cemei is he had no choice. El Tetos and El Toro are the replacement of the Templarios. He never turned his back on anyone the people who kicked him out in that video were family members of the people who are with El Tetos and El Toro. El Toro and Tetos are forceing anyone who doesn't agree with what they are doing to leave the Costa. They have been doing what the viagras did in Buenavista, Apatzingan, Urupan, Tancitaro, Aguilila which is to take complete control of their areas so that they are the only ones who are left.

    5. My op remains strong of who they were and were not.
      The coastal AD were the genuine deal. Made up of indigenous peoples living on ejidos. It is them who the constitution amendments are designed for that allow autonomous government and security. Doc worked primarily with them.

      then there were the narco ad groups led by people such as americano and allied with viagras, later funded by mencho who was salivating to return to michoacan.

      The genuine ad were doing a great job, bjut when castillo came he brokered a deal with narcos, empowering them by creating the police group sponsored by the state o oversee the municipalities. the fox guarding the henhouse and they were weaponed.

      Doc was not allowed to or invited to the castillo meetings. after that first one with the famous foto of doc looking perplexed and upset with castillo, lito, and others, after the meeting. doc was openly critical of the agreement saying it was not as the one they had agreed to.

      he was never included in any other meeting. and he was arrested shortly after.

      I am not certain what would have happened had the ad been allowed to continue their fight. Bjut for a moment in time i was hopeful that we were going to have the fires of cheran 2.0

      As for cemei---i totally agree with you, that he had no choice but disagree with you it was only toros family that kicked him out, it was the entire village because he left them first and then tried to run for office. and tried to return.

      I don't blame him. WHat would anyone do? jhe has been a target for at least 5 years.

      so sad

  5. Remember they can track your cell phone and locate you, turn that phone off, or get another one.

  6. Chess not checkers...

  7. Autodefensas r threat to Almo's power


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