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Saturday, November 30, 2019

“El Cabo 20” Implicated in Disappearance of Fishermen

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ZETA
          David López "El Cabo 20" aka "El Lobo" involved in the disappearance of  6 fishermen

On Wednesday, November 27, the Regional Search and Rescue Plan was activated to locate six fishermen in the maritime zone of Ensenada. The original report was that they had left Tortugas Bay bound for Cedros Island and never arrived. On the afternoon of Thursday, November 28, the rescue of two of the disappeared was announced: Antonio Herrera Hernández, originally from Acapulco and the Baja California Sureño, Cristóbal Emmanuel Arce Carrasco, who when rescued had a gunshot wound in one arm.

The data obtained from the preliminary version given by the rescued men, indicates that a group of hooded subjects deprived them of their freedom when they had already arrived at  Isla Cedros . In the attack, Herrera and Arce were beaten, shot and abandoned, while the criminals took the rest of their companions. The other four fishermen have not been found.

According to the first inquiries, David López Jiménez, alias “El Cabo 20”, alias “El Lobo,  Roque García and Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño “ El  Flaquito ”, could be responsible for the aggression suffered by the fishermen and  attacked them to block a transfer/ trafficking operation of the Sinaloa Cartel. Because the Jalisco-Cartel Arellano Cartel alliance, they try to maintain control in Cedros Island, considered as a strategic point to supply fuel, as well as for the loading and unloading of the drug that goes to the United States. "El Cabo 20" has been identified since 2018 as a criminal mafia server headed by the remnants of the Arellano Cartel. 

Declarations of those affected and a review of the criminal organization chart of the area, also allowed the police corporations integrated to the Territorial Coordination Tables for the Construction of Peace and Security, to verify that the men identified as fishermen may have links with persons involved in organized crime.

Note: Isla Cedros is a huge island with an extremely strategic location not only to the Pacific Coast of the Baja Peninsula and Bahia Tortugas, but Guerrero Negro and the state line between BC and BCS. Notice the narrowness of the Peninsula at that point and one can see it is also a close although rugged hop across the Peninsula to El Golfo de California and another short island hop to the Mexican Mainland and the States of Sonora and Sinaloa. Not only is there much trafficking via boats up the Pacific Coast to the all important Bahia of Ensenada and a quick trip to Tijuana and the "Frontera", ie the US / Mx border, but plenty of loads head North via tractor-trailer and other vehicular traffic. 

Isla Cedros also offers all the best a Pacific Island could offer including fantastic sport fishing , adventure kayaking, Sailing and yacht anchorages but tourist facilities and, of course, residents who either participate or look the other way, knowingly or naively,  to the illegal business carried out by "the Midnight Mexicans".

At left is Isla Cedros off the tip of "Playa Malarrimo" and "Laguna Ojode Liebre", perhaps the most important of the breeding and birthing grounds and destination for the annually migrating grey whales.

David López Jiménez, alias “El Cabo 20”, alias “El Lobo”, was considered as of October 2018 by the coordinated security forces, as a priority capture objective, as the material and intellectual author responsible for several killings / murders committed in the delegations Sánchez Taboada and Los Pinos, in Tijuana, BC.

On February 10, 2019, the State Preventive Police (PEP), today the State  Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) captured “El Cabo 20” in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood in Mexicali, where he had been hidden for about a month, after being threatened with death by Edgar Alejandro Herrera Pardo "El Caimán" and / or "El  Cabo 8", one of his former criminal companions in the homicide cell identified as "Los Cabos". 

In the last year it, the cell, ie had changed from the Sinaloa cartel to the Jalisco Cartel, until it was fully integrated into the Arellano Cartel wing.

Herrera Pardo "El Caimán" and / or "El  Cabo 8 ", was captured at dawn on Sunday, August 4, 2019 in San Luis Potosí. And David López Jiménez, “El Cabo 20” and / or “El Lobo”, was released and continues to commit crimes in the Ensenada area.


  1. Its just a never ending cycle of violence. Like a sick and twisted comedy...

    1. Wow......
      I have said the same thing many times on here.


  2. Is it safe for Americans to enter the TJ airport from San Diego via the bridge and fly to CEDROS for fishing at the resorts?


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