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Friday, November 29, 2019

Due to uncontrolled violence, 40 more families flee from Garza Congregation, Tamaulipas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TYGus  from ElSoldeMexico

Reminiscent of Mier exodus---


Inhabitants of the Garza Congregation settlement, known as El Charco Escondido de Reynosa, are leaving their homes because they feel unprotected by the authorities of the three government orders.

So far there have been 40 families that have left the ejido to look for better opportunities in the city; feeling helpless they leave their homes and everything they managed to work for many years.
On Tuesday, a truck that pulled a trailer with cattle, another vehicle where they were transporting furniture and electronic devices.

Another inhabitant who had a business decided to close it and move to another place with his family. They will look for a place in the city of Reynosa.

Little by little, families that have suffered violence in their own homes begin to flee seeking security and  justice.
Family killed in Garza Congregation

Last Saturday night, four members of a family in Garza Congregation were ambushed, the attack left three dead and one wounded.

Witnesses said the family was returning from a christening and were shot dead while driving through a gap.

Through ambulances, the injured were taken to the Maternal and Child Hospital for their attention but, according to witnesses, the injured were not received due to lack of beds and were sent  to the General Hospital.


  1. All these situations and the enpt, controlled by Cartels president, is not demonstrating good citizenship to it's people.

  2. Inlaws lost everything there last night...they pulled up and took everything from the house and is a stones throw from Texas...sad...Mexico so close to the USA but so far from God

    1. So? The USA is great because it has and shall continue to use Mexico and Latin America as its backyard dump ground.
      The more Mexico is humiliated, weakend, marginalized and unstable ( 15 years ago Mexico had less homicides than our great nation, that can't be, thank God uncle Sam fast and furious fix that) the more the USA wins.
      Now that Mexico is a terrorist state we should carpet bomb Monterey, Guadalajara and Mexico City and block all of Mexico's ports with the Navy .
      And Target the Latino/Mexican population like we do with Muslims and send them to Guantanamo or concentration camps and sterelize them for snuggling illegal drugs and aliens and killing Americans.

  3. Amlo this what u r doing to your people. Hope u can sleep at night u sorry SOB.

  4. Got to give Almo credit, he does a great job for the Cartels, they r proud of him.

  5. Amlo doesn't need the army anymore he's got the Cartel. Lol

  6. This is one of the hardest things for me to swallow.
    Especially hard where folks have lived on the land for generations.

  7. I remember the kids of Mier, Tamps in the lions club shelter. Seemingly normal until they spoke of the violence. Empty eyes, staring off, speaking in monotone, slowly, the saddest thing to see, knowing they will never get the help they need to work through PTSD .

    We had Benito interview the kids. They opened up to him because he himself was a kid of 14 years, he is my assistant's son

    One kid about 10 spoke of the bad guys bursting into their home taking his father who he never saw again.

    then his thoughts turned to "someone else"---he wondered if his dog was ok, because they had no room to bring him along.

    How fucking sad it is for these children. Children of wars.


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