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Friday, November 8, 2019

Cd. Juarez: 4 "Mexicles" Arrested for Burning Vehicles; Pay: a Few Grams Of Crystal Meth

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElDebate
            4 alleged "Mexicles" are arrested for burning trucks in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
Allegedly the criminals confessed to belong to the "Mexicles" and that as payment for burning the vehicles had received several grams of crystal meth.

The detainees were identified as: César Alejandro RE, Javier Alejandro BM, Jesús Antonio BM, and Marco Antonio HH, all were captured after agents implemented an operation to find the location of those responsible for acts of vandalism that has raged over the City.

The four individuals were arrested at the Battle Crossing of Casa Blanca de Zarca, of Colonia Kilometer 29 , the subjects seeing the presence of the Municipal Police patrols tried to escape and physically and verbally attack the uniformed, however they were captured.

The four members of the aforementioned criminal cell were consigned to the corresponding authority for being the alleged perpetrators in the commission of the crime of disobedience and resistance of arrest and the case will be investigated.


  1. Burning innocent maquileros

  2. Wait, I thought the US drug consumers were the root cause of all this, no?

    1. Mexico has its own problems for sure but by far and large the cartels battling each other not these stupid gangmembers the cause of these battles is cartels wanting to control drug routes into the U.S.
      Supply from Mexico for the U.S. demand. Get it?

    2. They are. You thought right.

    3. 3:34 mexican drug cartels are the root cause, they supply the drugs because they know dumb people get hooked on it.

    4. You seriously are going to compare the purchasing power of american addicts and mexican addicts? a gram of meth in mexico is 1000 pesos, cocaine 1500 pesos, heroin is 500 (tar)- 1500-2000 pesos for white heroin with fent probably.

  3. This drug epidemic in Mexico is going to BE out of CONTROL in 🇲🇽 very soon
    It started in the north and working it's way SOUTH..
    It started in the U.S and now it's in border Mexican states.. Sonora, chihuahua, Tijuana, Monterey and tamaulipas kids are all druged up and literally going south..
    Just saying...
    It started in the states with deportees getting deported and staying on the border and stealing, begging and working for their fix doing anything to get what They got deported for but now it's

    1. 10-4....
      just saying

    2. BAD influences from others shouldn't be applied for what many are engaging in worldwide. Mexico's drug epidemic is that which one chooses to do with his or herself regardless of origin. I always believed that ; Life is about creating oneself. Not finding oneself.
      Like many countries; No gun is ever put on one's head to participate.
      Remember: Drugs do not discriminate only manipulate!

    3. I doubt that's how it statered, I lived in New Mexico for a long time, I saw the rise of meth in rural areas, states like Oklahoma... No Mexican residents, just straight up white folk... I'm not saying there are not deportees with drug problems. I've live in Juarez for a few years now, I know a few people with the bad habit and I'll tell you that they didn't pick it up from no deported person. I'd love to say more just don't know what constitutes to long of a post.

    4. 11:24 AM It has always been there. The only good the Narco defensas did in Michoacan was the use and availability of Crystal Meth skyrocketed. for all the evil the Templarios were doing one of the good things they did do was make it difficult to find meth in Michoacan during their time.

    5. old school narcos had a rule of not selling hard drugs to the youth until recently but drugs were there always.. 15 years ago the hardest stuff was ecstasy, acid, rave/designer drugs and cocaine/crack. Heroin has had presence in Tijuana, some areas of Mexico city, Acapulco and Cd Juarez since the 60s tho, junkies/sleepers usually nod out indoors and collect junk to sell during the day.. Meth is the one causing problems tho because it messes your thought process due to insomnia and the paranoia.

  4. I always said that i have 99.9% more chances of getting killed by some crazy tweaker for any reason than an actual terrorist.


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