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Monday, November 25, 2019

Alejandro Sandi along with another tourist kidnapped, the Actor in "Señor de Los Cielos" series

The Guardia Nacional, Municipal and State Police of Toluca de Lerdo, are conducting a patrol in the vicinity of the Nevado de Toluca.

This, for the report of a tourist kidnapping in which the Mexican actor Alejandro Sandi was a victim. He is known for his participation in the famous Mexican series The Lord of the Skies.

In addition, Alejandro also participates in the series “Señora Acero", "Sr. Ávila" and the "La Rosa de Guadalupe" programs.

According to the authorities' report, the actor was with a group of visitors aboard a Jeep, when armed men blocked their way.

They only released one woman, taking two men of approximately 20 years of age along with the actor.

So far there is no more information about this ordeal.

His last publication on social networks was 21 hours ago when he was at the Teatro Independencia San Jerónimo.

The operation of dozens of elements of the National Guard, State and Municipal Police extends not only in the vicinity of Zinacantepec, but in surrounding municipalities where there are exits from the Nevado de Toluca.

Video translation is as follows:

Esmeralda Usgalde: Hello, friends. Good evening to all the followers of both Vanessa and I and the media that have been constantly asking about us also. We want to share an experience with you that we just went through this morning at about 8 more or less. We were on our way like any tourist, like any family to visit the Nevado de Toluca. This beautiful place that is close to Mexico City. When armed subjects blocked our path. They took Vanessa's truck ...

Vanessa Arias: They carjacked our vehicle, our bags, our cellphones, but we don't care about the material things. What really matters here is that we were victims of insecurity...

Esmeralda Usgalde: We’re concerned also for our country.

Vanessa Arias: Yes, yes. 3 people were in our vehicle. Alejandro Sandi, one of our best friends. Esmeralda Usgalde and one our maids.

Esmeralda Usgalde: Obviously we are have already gone through the proper procedures, the complaint. The authorities are doing their job so we cannot give you much more information so as not to hinder this procedure. We trust Alejandro is fine. We’re sending good vibes and ask for your prayers so that they appear soon. And we are awaiting everything ...

Vanessa Arias: That's right. We have a lot of faith in Mexico, we have a lot of faith in our authorities. What else can I say? Thanks to all who are concerned about us.
Esmeralda Usgalde: And alive. Take care everyone.
Vanessa Arias: Yes.

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  1. For those of you, that say MEXICO is safe, that nothing happens, look what happened to these tourist. We are hoping they make it back alive.

    1. Tourists? They are Mexican nationals one of them was an actor who participated in the glorification of the violence and the Narco culture that is Mexico. Its actually hilarious that he feel victim to them same things he has glorified by working in those types of programs. I hope they make a video where they torture his bitch ass. The shit that is happening in Mexico isn't something you glorify.

    2. FYI being a tourist does not require one leave their country of birth silly. If I travel to Boston or NYC I am a tourist.

      As for your brainless wish that he be tortured for playing a role... Oh Boy

    3. Chivis....please keep in mind that some of the readers/posters did not get beyond the 5th or 6th grade.

    4. Keep glorifying cartel and make part of there world

    5. I am Mexican and I don't go to Mexico. I am not crazy

    6. 11:16 not smart reasoning. Where I live most of the tourists are from my own state or other states. Why would you hope to see anyone tortured? That is an evil sentiment amigo.

    7. 1:02 PM Being in a car driving around makes you a tourist okay then I am a tourist everyday when I visit the next town over and stop to look at the fancy shit they have these fucks live in Mexico city.

      Playing a role where you glorify a life that is bringing nothing but death why not. If I ever had him in my hands or any fuck head that glorifies that life I would take my time and make an example out of him. The Sicario movies or Rambo even if I don't like what I saw depict something that might make kids think twice about doing something stupid.

      Their is a reason so many kids in Mexico get involved in things they shouldn't one of them is the glorification of a life where most will never rise up threw the ranks to even make a small house where their mother and siblings could live. Many die within the month of joining some don't even get the opportunity to collect their 2000 pesos.

      Just a role right Chivis. Anyways you don't have to worry about his ass getting tortured unlike most Mexicans he was somebody.

  2. Sad, that no place feels safe, unless your a politician.



  3. 8:44 let's not kid no one's ever really safe especially if you have a price on you worst being on the right side of things

  4. “El Señor de los cielos” acaso esa no es una miniserie de narcos? Con el diablo no se juega

  5. She has faith in median authorities? Haha she is a comedian.

    1. Possibly she's using mild language as to not antagonise the kidnappers' and any corrupt official from harming the chap?

      Canadian girl

    2. Cops in Mexico are crooked as hell and have kidnapping gangs.. Just watch the denzel Washington movie where he's a body guard in 🇲🇽 protecting a FAMILY and at the end the anti-kidnapping cops were the ones that comited the kidnapping... Mexican cops are the worse.. I visit Mexico about every 6 years and I I feel every time I go Mexico is changing for the worse.. Even the small little ranchos down south where it was peaceful are not safe any more. Mexican government doesn't pay much to workers and there is where the problem lies.. Young kids rather steal to work because of the lausy pay and cops love to catch tourist without a seatbelt or loking lost so they can pull them over and ask for money or threaten them with jail TIME..

  6. Really surprised they let them go. I mean really, really surprised.

  7. Reminds me a bit of American actors who want the second amendment out, but rake in millions with their roles using guns.

  8. Nice girls. Couldn't be bothered to mention the maid's name. Nice.

  9. The girl's message was written and produced by SEDENA!


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