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Friday, October 11, 2019

ZuaZua, NL: 6 Children Shot while Playing Outside Hermosilla, Sonora: 4 Children Rescued

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Radio Formula y Televisa
             Not even children are safe 6 children are shot outside their home in Nuevo León

At least six minors were shot to death by an armed command outside their home located in the Real de las Palmas neighborhood, in the Prince sector of the municipality of Zuazua , Nuevo León .

The State Attorney General's Office (FGJE) reported that four of the six minors report them in serious health. According to the first reports, armed subjects arrived at the scene around 10 pm on Tuesday and shot children between 9 and 15 years of age when they were outside their home. After the attack, the children's parents transferred them to a nearby hospital aboard several vehicles.

Authorities found about 21 9mm caps and one 45 shell casing shot during the collection of evidence at the scene. The first reports indicate that two alleged criminals arrived in a car at the house at 1118 Prince Maine Street and began shooting at the facade, injuring the six minors who played in front of the house. It was reported that the assault was allegedly directed at a woman who lives at the home, but she was not there.

It was almost 10pm when the children who were on the porch of a house were shot. Allegedly 2 men with firearms arrived at the Real de Palmas subdivision, checked out the site, walked through the square located on Benavento Street and opened fire on children who were having fun with a video game on their cell phones.

The injured children were identified as Emanuel, 9, who had a stomach injury; Francisco Tadeo, 10, received various impacts on the abdomen; Francisco Eduardo, 12, had a wound in his left hand and both legs; while 12-year-old David resulted in injuries to the lip, cheek and right knee.

The 14-year-old Jacobo was also shot at the scene, who received a bullet in the back and did not need to be transferred to a hospital; and 15-year-old Roxana with femur lesions, both reported out of danger.
On Tuesday morning, the home where the assault occurred looked without police custody, still at the entrance of the house there were traces of blood and bullet impacts on the walls and sidewalk.

In the sector where this violent event occurred there are several homes that have security cameras, images that will help in the investigation, however, the authorities are still not clear about the reason for this aggression that put 4 of the minors at risk of death.

Some neighbors claim that much more street lighting is needed in the neighborhood and that even the plaza is very dark and nearly unlit at night. Almost none of the houses have outdoor lights either.

According to the State Attorney General's Office, four of the six minors present serious injuries that  put their lives at risk.

In this regard, the Secretary of Security in the state, Aldo Fasci , without giving details of the investigation and the possible motive, commented that regardless of the reason for the attack, minors are treated as victims.

Meanwhile in Hermosilla, Sonora 4 Children were Rescued:
Four minors were rescued during a search operation to three homes located in the La Cholla neighborhood of Hermosillo , Sonora , the State Attorney General's Office ( FGJE ) reported. Five adults were arrested.
The operation in which children of 2, 4, 8 and 10 years of age were found in unsafe condition, was implemented by personnel of the Ministerial Agency of Criminal Investigation ( AMIC ) and members of the Ministry of National Defense ( Sedena ).

After several reports of probable sale of narcotics in La Cholla , the Public Ministry Agent , who led the operation and integrated the investigation folders to request the search warrants that were authorized by the Judge.

In the first property searched on Vergel Street , where 26 packages were secured that contained a substance with the characteristics of the “crystal” meth. Also, Carlos Armando “N”, 29 years old, was arrested.
Subsequently, a few houses from there, Jesus Alonso “N”, 30 years old, and Alicia Guadalupe “N”, 25 years old, were arrested and found in a suitcase was a gram scale , in addition to 39 packages with narcotics.

Joel "N", 32, and Margarita Guadalupe "N", 26, were apprehended in a third home on the same street, who were found with 40 packages with narcotics and a small bag with methamphetamine .

It was in this house where the four minors, possible victims of corruption, were rescued, subsequently, they were under the protection of the Sonora DIF. The five  persons arrested were made available to the corresponding authority.


  1. Give them death by a thousand cuts. Let them bleed out slowly. Sick fuxs

  2. So were the 6 kids shot dead or just sustained wounds. I'm going to Monterrey this weekend but seems like I'm going to cancel.

    1. Bad guys are not just going around looking for tourists, they don't want that kind of attention; unless ,of course, the motive is robbery. Use common sense and don't be out alot at night. Juvenile drug addicts are more of a worry for you than being caught up in a shootout. IMO, ie

  3. 6 kids shot. Looking for a mother a the place. 10 pm at night. What??

  4. How does mexico have so many blood thirsty psychopaths? Is it a genetic issue?

    1. @7:49 PM

      Maybe the fusion of Spanish blue bloods with those cute aztec girls wasn't such a good idea after all....

      El Cabrón de Tamaulipas

    2. Yes... and culture. Not all cultures are equal.

  5. 7:49 the shooters were looking for some woman who apprently chose not to be around, the other abused children were taken from their tormentors, hard to support kids with wages below minimum standards even as drug pushers, with no legal protection from any source.

  6. It's a bit unclear how many kids died and how many injured. But as sad, angry, and frustrated as I feel in the far off USA, I pray that ASAP, Mexicans find ways to stop these kind of events.

  7. 7:49 the Mexican "Genetic Psychopaths" did not spend 36 billion dollars developing criminal cartels in Mexico and then fighting their wars on drugs with them to show work... Like the Maras, the Mexican criminals are a product of the US led wars on communism, on drugs, for the business of drug trafficking, to get their hands on trillions of dollars the US and other colleagues have laundered and invested in owning all the. Ost profitable, corporations and banks in the world, some of them have been fined over 2 billion dollars for their dirty deeds, but they got to keep 99% of their ill gotten gains, like a famous senator of the US... They also use all the Caribbean Sea Island countries to launder money and call them tax paradises and set up offshore money laundering centers, even the Russians are there... Something all the Latin American Banana Republics put together will never match. Only Colombian Carlos Lehder had a chance there for a while...

  8. What a load of shit, shooting babies...


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