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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Zapopan: 15 More Bags of Human Remains / 138 in Sept in One Location

Yaqui for Borderland Beat: from MDN y Informador
                                      15 bags of human remains found in Zapopan, Jalisco
                    Found on a vacant lot, the bags appear to contain five or six bodies, all men.

Police in Zapopan, Jalisco have found 15 bags containing human remains on a vacant lot. The discovery occurred before dawn, approx. 3am,  on Tuesday on a lot in Mesa de los Ocotes after police received an anonymous tip. Some sources say they were on a routine patrol.

Although the Jalisco Forensic Sciences Institute (IJCF) has not finished analyzing the bags’ contents, Zapopan Mayor Pablo Lemus affirmed that they appear to contain the remains of five people.

Police initially found 9 bags, but six more were discovered after the search perimeter was widened.

Lemus said it was possible that the victims were murdered elsewhere and their remains taken to Zapopan, since it has many abandoned lots on which to hide bodies.

He requested that personnel of the National Guard and the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) patrol the area.

The Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences was responsible for moving the bags to its facilities, with the aim of identifying the number of bodies that are in them, a figure that until now is unknown.

The Zapopan Police Station said that there are no homes or businesses nearby, nor public lighting, so there are no eyewitnesses who can provide details to clarify the facts. The bags were taped. 

Zapopan has recently been a hotbed of such gruesome discoveries. In September, officials found 138 bags of human remains in one 200-meter search radius.

In an attempt to expedite the identification of the victims, the organization Por Amor a Ellxs (For Love for Them), comprised of families in search of disappeared relatives, has begun sharing descriptions of visible tattoos on the bodies on its social media accounts.
In a separate event, a Zapopan Police unit found the body of a man on a dirt road in Morelos and Prolongación Morelos, in the Santa Ana Tepetitlán neighborhood. The victim was half-naked and had marks of blows, in addition to a bullet impact on his head. 


  1. Authorities say 5 men were in those bags so it really means like 12 men

  2. bring me the eyes of mencho

    1. Go get em warrior.....of the keyboard

  3. Just think, 138 bags with human remains in a 200 meter area. How many people do you think this indicates?

    The article does not tell the circumstances of who,when or how these 138 bags were found. This is a gruesome number of human remains bags in such a small area. I'd like to know much more.... like was this area a well known dumping ground for bodies and trash, a milpa, what? To me, the article leaves me hanging.... I bet a book could be written about the horrors of Zapopan.


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