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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Who is Rosalinda González Valencia aka “La Jefa”, the wife of El Mencho?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 

Is the wife of “El Mencho” connected to the Aguililla Massacre? What is the history of Cártel del Milenio, Michoacan's first drug trafficking cartel?

The ambush in which 14 police officers died in the municipality of Aguililla, Michoacán, shook Mexico. The versions about the circumstances in which the criminals attacked the convoy with dozens of elements are confusing, they come and go, but one of them highlights a name:

Rosalinda González Valencia.

Authorities revealed to the journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva of Grupo Formula , that one of the lines of investigation suggests that assassins of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) attacked the security forces trying in order to protect González Valencia, wife of the leader of the criminal organization, Nemesio Oseguera aka "El Mencho".

On Monday, October 14, a convoy of 42 state police officers was deployed [they say] to protect the transfer of a father and daughter, who was the victim of sexual abuse. Aguililla is a "hot" zone that requires double security measures. People being taken from that municipality to Apatzingán, where there would be a security diligence.

Seeing the numerous police convoy, the hit men of "El Mencho" would have thought they were going for the wife of Cartel Jalisco New Generation’s leader and thereby the attack ensued.

Who is Rosalinda Valencia?

Rosalinda González Valencia belongs to a large family from Aguililla, Michoacán, and is known as “La Jefa” within the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

The González Valencia, are a clan of 12 brothers who formed the financial and business arm of the criminal group led by Nemesio Oseguera, "El Mencho".

Rosalinda and 7 sisters (Rosalinda is the oldest), are identified by the authorities as managers of the CJNG's business. They are Noemí, Berenice, Marisa, Erika, María Elena, Abigail and Estela, who took a relevant role in the administration of the illicit business of the criminal group, especially after the arrest of their brothers: Ulises, Elvis, José and Abigael.

The González Valencia brothers were known as "Los Cuinis" and have always been linked to drug trafficking. Their  father Armando Valencia Cornelio,[?] known as "El Maradona" founded the Cártel del Milenio Michoacán’s first drug trafficking cartel  that dominated in the 90s and in which Mencho  began his criminal career, Nemesio Oseguera, "El Mencho", is now leader of the CJNG, fast gaining on Sinaloa Cartel as the worlds powerhouse of drug trafficking.

At the head of "Los Cuinis" was the eldest of the brothers, Abigael González Valencia, known as "El Cuini" or "El Cachetes" and with whom "El Mencho" began to traffic synthetic drugs to the United States.

Arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, in 2015, Abigael González Valencia is imprisoned in the Altiplano prison, waiting for a court to ultimately resolve the amparo he filed against his extradition already granted to the United States.

The Mexican authorities attribute to the "Cuinis" businesses as marketers, beauty and rejuvenation clinics, hotels, restaurants and fairs, among others. He even considers them as one of the richest criminal organizations in Mexico, in his family partnership with the CJNG.

Precisely because of the economic power that they have accumulated, in October 2016, the United States Department of the Treasury included 7 of the “Cuinis” in their list of international drug traffickers that its Office for the Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC).

The exile of Milenio

Another woman who was a factor in the creation of the CJNG is Inés Oseguera, who had an affair with Carlos Rosales, aka 'El Tísico', one of the founders of La Familia Michoacana and operator of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén in Michoacán.

The Tísico and his romance with the cousin ​​of Mencho, managed to seal a union between the Golfo and Milenio cartels, but apparently the young woman cheated on her boyfriend with Armando Valencia, which caused the violent war that ended with the exile of the González Valencia when Tísico called on his compadre Osiel Cardenas for help.

Osiel Cárdenas supported Rosales and put at his disposal a legion of hit men from Los Zetas to bring down the Valencia family, who in turn allied with the Sinaloa Cartel. And it was just this approach that empowered the Milenio Cartel, and gave rise to the CJNG.

Rosalinda’s capture and release

In 1996, Rosalinda González Valencia married Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes and they had two children: Jessica Johanna and Rubén “El Menchito” who was arrested in January 2014 in Zapopan, Jalisco, in possession of 25 million pesos and firearms .

In that 2014 "El Menchito" was released twice: the first in October, after the intervention of a judge, who determined his freedom from the federal prison located in the Altiplano, in the absence of evidence against him. After his recapture and shipment to the Cereso de Puente Grande, he was released in December of that year. He was arrested again on June 23, 2015 accused of being the alleged financial operator of the Cartel, for which he was held in the federal Highlands Criminal Court, in the State of Mexico.

Rosalinda's son was sent to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) number 15, located in Chiapas . In July 2019, a group of hooded men recorded a video that circulated on social networks that warned of an attempt to rescue “El Menchito”, as well as Abigael González Valencia, “El Cuini”, so both They were transferred from criminal. “El Menchito was taken to the maximum security zone of the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) number 11, in Hermosillo, Sonora.

For several years, Rosalinda lived in one of the most luxurious residential areas of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco without being disturbed by the authorities, but in May 2018, she was detained outside a convenience store by elements of the Navy.

Her capture was carried out in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by a federal judge for crimes of organized crime with the purpose of committing money laundering, so he was transferred from the Mexican Navy to federal criminal number 16, located in Morelos .

It only lasted a few days in prison. On September 8 of that year he was released after the payment of a bond of around 1.5 million pesos.

Additional information of the Milenio exile

The strategic position of Michoacán, with the port of Lázaro Cárdenas as a great recipient of chemical precursors and as an important producer of cannabis and poppy, became very appetizing  for Osiel Cárdenas between 2001 and 2002, the then powerful leader of the Gulf Cartel , which operated in the northeast of the country from where he decided to send a group of Los Zetas to conquer the entity.

That organization arrived in Michoacán as a helping hand of Carlos Rosales Mendoza aka El Tísico, compadre de Osiel Cárdenas.

There was a time when Aguililla was besieged by Los Zetas, the townspeople could not leave. Also in those years, in a single street in Huetamo, a city near the limits of Michoacán with Guerrero, dozens of black bows were hung on the facades of the houses, because of so many murders.

But a matter of love and betrayal precipitated things. Inés Hernández Oceguera, who had been the wife of Rosales Mendoza and had a son with him, joined Armando Valencia procreating another son.

Iracundo, El Tísico , also from Michoacán, set out to eliminate Los Valencia, in a confrontation in which Nazario Moreno aka El Chayo , who would eventually become the great boss of the region, aligned himself with the compadre of Osiel Cárdenas.

The Zetas expelled the Valencia and acted freely. The collection of “tax” became an everyday thing, not only in the Apatzingán valley, but also on the coast and in the region that borders Guerrero and the State of Mexico. Without more, they expropriated ranches [as they later did in Coahuila and Tamaulipas] and expel entire families from their properties.

The patience of the Michoacán lasted little. In October 2004, El Tísico was arrested in Morelia, so El Chayo took advantage of the moment to establish himself as the leader of a new organization that he baptized as “La Familia Michoacana”.  

He was set up on a pretense of a party/meeting in December 2014, seven months subsequent to his prison release.  He and others in his group were slaughtered and dumped, with Tísico's face half missing.

Moreno, who was also a migrant in the United States for several years, inherited the extreme religiosity of El Tísico and involved the war in a religious discourse that made him the only drug lord “to whom the authority has observed a facet of religious leader ”.

According to the criminal record that the federal government released in December 2010, when it announced that it had been killed after a bloody battle of more than 24 hours on the outskirts of Apatzingán and whose body was never located because unknown at the time, he was not dead.

Three months after his announced death, the leaders of the Family regrouped and transformed the organization into a new one that became known with the Code of the Caballeros Temparios of Michoacán, a compilation of 53 commandments in which the use is prohibited of drugs and kidnappings "for money."

The book Word of Knight was also printed and circulated clandestinely. The Templarios an insurgent movement, written by local journalist Edgardo Morales Shertier, and an autobiography of Moreno titled “The Craziest.”

The aspirants to enter this organization begin in a special ritual in which they sign with their own blood a vow of silence and an oath that forces them for the rest of their lives to respect the code, otherwise they give their consent for "If I miss my word of honor, be executed by the weapons of good companions or be devoured by the wild beasts of the forest."

Chayo died once again in March 2014, this time leaving his body behind.

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