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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

VIDEO Tocumbo, Mich: New Armed Confrontation between CJNG and NFM

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: RadioFormula y Vanguardia
A group of alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ( CJNG )  have installed road blocks and unleashed shootings in the municipality of Tocumbo, in Michoacán , during Monday morning. Approximately 50 men arrived in a convoy.

Armed men who allegedly belong to the group of self-defense of the municipality of Los Reyes clashed with members of the CJNG criminal group led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka "El Mencho". Other sources call the armed civilians members of Nueva Familia Michoacán.
From the first hours of this Monday, some subjects armed with assault rifles and Barret caliber .50 ran from several areas of La Laguneta, Santa Inés and Tacátzcuaro.

In addition, alleged members of the CJNG set fire to a passenger bus during the early hours of this day. The smoke could be seen for several kilometers around.

According to the newspaper El Siglo de Torreón , elements of the Mexican Army, as well as the state police, have already arrived in the region, in order to contain the violence.

The shootings were on the Santa Inés - Tocumbo highway sections, to La Laguneta, municipality of Tingüindín, an area located 190 kilometers from the capital of Michoacán.

The mobilization of trucks with armed people and the clashes generated panic among the children and students inside the schools. Students had to be protected in classrooms and then evacuated and handed over to their families.

Classes in schools located in the municipalities of Tocumbo and Los Reyes have been suspended until further notice.


  1. That was people from carteles unidos
    Who installed the check-point.

  2. That video and the people that appear in that video are people from los reyes. The people who burned the vehicles are also from los reyes. Why would CJNG burn buses outside the towns they are trying to get into?

    CJNG is in Cotija, Tocumbo. It isn't looking good for Mencho 80% of the people who they were allied to in Michoacan have flipped on them. From what El Sargy has said Tepeke and the costa are getting shipments of Cocaine coming from Colombia threw Ecuador. It looks like the US is hitting CJNG hard with the Cocaine shipments and at the same time allowing shipments coming from Ecuador to get threw to the Viagras.

    Supporting one side while hitting the other kinda deal. I don't know how well the Sinaloas are doing with their Cocaine shipments but from what happened to them in Culuican it isn't looking good. It seems the US wants to empower the Viagras while debilitating the other Organizations. The Sinaloas ship their cocaine on the pacific to Guerrero to the people of El Russo who is fighting LFM, Viagras. The thing is El Russo is also supported by CJNG.



  3. How many of the baby killer cartel died?

  4. Cowards killing cowards burn in hell pigs nobody cares

    1. Yet here you are chapete. Of the 10 comments I'd say 4 are probably yours: 10:19, 10:51, 10:52, maybe 11:00. Every single article of CJNG and Chinaloa you HAVE to sidebust with your baby killer blah, blah, blah. Ya duérmete encalmado!!

  5. Both groups are made of peasents thats why they can't andvance they shot at anything with no obejective and once the glorious Mexican arrives both pxssys grups are gone star running watch

  6. Familia doesn't have the numbers or equipment but they still giving cjng a beating like marro did on Guanajuato , like abuelo , And cholo, la rana y Aquiles
    Whats the point of starting wars and losing man and money when your people are young kids with no military background or the elotero who got force to figth cjng is like the big Pxta of mexico

  7. Los Sujetos que aparecen en la imagen son integrantes de la delincuencia organizada que operan en los Reyes, Zamora, Jacona y Tinguindin, en algunos medios han corrido la version de que era Cartel de Jalisco ingresando a Michoacán pero las mismas fuentes locales comprueban que se trataba de un retén de la policía ministerial acompañando a Guicho de los Reyes y otros personajes históricos dentro de la delincuencia como son Ivan Salgado "El Raton", Mario Álvarez Espinoza "El Metro", Jorge Garnica Torres "El Chompon" y Alejandro Sepúlveda "La Fresa".

    Luego del pasado episodio donde la gente de (a) Nanis emboscara a elementos de la Policia Michoacana en el Aguaje como CJNG, el líder de los jaliscos en dos aguas y sus sicarios no aguantaron la presion y se rindieron para sumarse con Carteles Unidos de Los Viagras en Aguililla, sumando un grupo armado mas.

    Carteles Unidos es lidereado por "Los Sierra Santana" y componen una sociedad criminal ademas de Los Viagras, La Gente del Abuelo, Los Comunitarios de la Costa, Los ex caballeros templarios, La Nueva Familia Michoacana y los independientes que fueron viagras, se hicieron jaliscos, se independizaron y otra vez son viagras.

    Credit El Sargy Dedos Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana

  8. Michoacanos love to glorify this criminals cada quien cosecha lo que siembra como dicia mi abuelo And this is no different lets see you guys keep defending mencho from the comfort of you home n the united States michoacanos While your that can flee have to put up with all this mess

  9. The gov gave Cds the opportunity to control the narco world and couldnt control it, now is cjng turn


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