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Monday, October 21, 2019

Tarahumara Activist Cruz Soto Assassinated in Chihuahua

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia y ElHeraldo

Cruz Soto Caraveo was reported missing since October 13, when armed men approached him in the municipality of Guazapares, Chihuahua. 

Through its Twitter account, the association Cencos (National Center for Social Communication)  announced that the activist Cruz Soto Caraveo was found lifeless in Chihuahua , after being reported missing since last October 13.

Soto Caraveo was a member of the group of families forcibly displaced from the Sierra Tarahumara of that State.

Cruz Soto had been deprived of his freedom by armed subjects on October 13 in Temoris, this after leaving a meeting. The activist was one of the many victims displaced by violence in the mountains, he also recalled that he had death threats.

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⚠⚠⚠Cruz Soto Caraveo, a member of the group of families forcibly displaced from the Sierra Tarahumara, was found lifeless after being disappeared on October 13. We demand clarification of the facts and justice for Cruz and his loved ones.https: // status / 1185675096247062528  ...

Just before, the activist had made an address at a meeting in Témoris, the municipal seat of Guazapares, in order to attend a meeting with staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).

Allegedly, upon returning to his community, Cruz Soto was intercepted by strangers, who took the activist out of his car and killed him later.
                                            Cars found used in activist kidnapping:
The report contends that at least four hooded and armed subjects aboard two vehicles took the victim.
Elements of the State Agency of Investigation (AEI) assured two vehicles that were indicated in the report of illegal deprivation of liberty of Cruz Soto Caraveo last Sunday, October 13.

Agents followed up on the investigation Thursday night when they detected a Jeep, Grand Cherokee, metallic blue, with EKL 5517 license plates from the state of Chihuahua.

The unit, manned by Wendy Cristal QA, coincides with the characteristics of the vehicle used to take Soto Caraveo, who had gone to Témoris over the weekend to receive Federal Government support, against his will.

After several operations carried out by the Prosecutor's Office to try to find the whereabouts of activist Cruz Soto Caraveo, then the location of the lifeless body of that person was reported unofficially.

Previously, investigators had secured a Hummer, H3, red, 2006 model vehicle with theft report on October 6, 2018 in the state of Michoacán, which had also been used in the illicit crimes.

The report argues that at least four hooded and armed subjects aboard two vehicles were taken to Soto Caraveo in an unknown direction last Sunday.

The State Attorney General maintains an operation in the region with the support of a helicopter to find the exact whereabouts of Cruz Soto Caraveo.


  1. Well I'm quite sure that many here will comment this continuous disregard for respectable life by cartels. Following the comments from what transpired in culiacan.
    Too many good & respectable people have been killed fighting for justice.


    1. So sad. The traffickers know the deal. They chose their life. The normal hard working people dont. To see this getting worse should be a wake up call to the world. It may be time for some UN, and or NATO type intervention. Not US. Too much corruption, and vested interest. Has to be International.

  2. Cds murdered this activist and drove the car to michoacan to put the heat there.. Kind of how Sinaloas killed kiki and dumped him in michoacan wtf?

  3. Like most of the killings of the “innocent”reporters, activists ,etc by cartels thers always more to the story of the “innocent” victims but not always sometimes they are innocent victims by cartels but in this case he was involved with the cartel and ended up getting killed.but regardless his family has been threw a lot many of family members have been killed still sad

    1. Governments also do their dirty work using “cartels” as a cover

  4. Are you truly an activist if your life decisions before leave you with no choice but to become an activist.....

  5. Years ago I helped a Missionary who was working with the Tarahumara in the Sierra Madres. I doubt that an International police force is the answer. No one cares more for their country than those who live there. The Mexican govt should allow their people to own guns to defend themselves. The bad guys already have guns and know that the good guys don't.


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