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Monday, October 28, 2019

San Felipe BC: Mother Delivers her Son to Police for Murder Plus the Victim

Yaqui for Borderland beat from: Zeta y TurquesaNot
                                     "Good" mothers and grandmothers of criminals do exist

Jonathan Rodríguez Pérez, 28 years old, (who is presumed innocent, as long as his responsibility for the judicial authority is not declared. Art.13, CNPP), will spend several years in prison for being guilty of murder.

The curious thing about the incident is the great show of courage that the defendant's mother made, because she handed him over to the ministerial authorities, as well as  the body of his victim.

Approximately 3:00 pm on Sunday, when the mother of the accused  arrived at the facilities of the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE), located in the port town of San Felipe, aboard his black Honda Accord vehicle with California licence plates.

The woman spoke with the agents inside, and explained that in the car was her 28-year-old son, named Jonathan, who was responsible for a homicide.

According to her version, her son had deprived another individual of his life due to a love triangle that they maintained together with his sentimental partner.

At dawn of that day, the accused and the victim had an argument near the creek, of the port community. The discussion rose in tone and allegedly Jonathan drew a .25mm caliber firearm and shot his girlfriend other boyfriend.

Gunshots ended the life of the young man, 19 years old, who has not been identified.

However, the situation took on an even stranger tone, when the mother told them that the victim's body was in the unit's trunk.

Apparently, the mother spent hours talking with the 28-year-old, until she managed to convince him to surrender.

Later they loaded the body and took it to the PGJE facilities.

Information obtained by ZETA indicates that Jonathan Rodríguez Pérez had a pending injunction for the crime of robbery with violence, which was completed at that time.


  1. Murder they will give him 7 years, then will be out to finish of his mom.

  2. No if the family members of victim take him first.

  3. I don’t tell think I could have don this.


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