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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sahuayo and Ecuadero Mich: 15 CJNG Hitmen Arrested with Arsenal After Chase

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio y Infobae
Eleven alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, CJNG, were arrested in possession of weapons and explosive devices in Sahuayo, Michoacán . 

Elements of the Ministry of Public Security ( SSP ), the State Attorney General's Office ( FGE ), National Guard ( GN ) and Municipal Police ( PM ) also secured four vehicles, 17 loaders and 382 useful cartridges of different calibers and tactical equipment . 

Two motorcyclists were driving at high speed, so police officers stopped them, but the criminales ignored the police officers and began shooting at them and took off which began a chase.
Moments later, the attackers entered a home and continued to fire their weapons against police officers. After the confrontation, those involved and other suspects who were at the home were arrested , from whom were seized:  three 7.62x39 caliber weapons , two more  9mm, one of .30mm and one more than .45. 

In the house also: 17 loaders and 382 cartridges of different calibers were located; five homemade grenades were placed and two more .40 caliber. Also, five gun carriers, two boots for boots, two balaclavas, a pair of tactical boots, a plate vest and a camouflaged shirt were secured. 

In the action, four vehicles of the Toyota, KIA, Zoomer and Italika brands were located, three with theft report, all evidence was made available to the corresponding authority.

Another Cell Arrested on Saturday in the Municipality of Ecuadero:
In the municipality of Ecuandureo, four alleged members of a CJNG cell were arrested this Saturday.

The alleged criminals were seized six firearms, 78 chargers, two vehicles and tactical equipment , state authorities said. Also, in the trunk of the vehicle were located 78 loaders of different calibers and five black vests. After this fact, another unit of the same brand was secured at kilometer 353 + 500 of the road.
The detainees and the confiscated firearms and evidence were made available to the competent authority , in order to determine their legal status.

Prevention and surveillance work on the western highway, in the Municipality of Ecuandureo allowed the agents to detain Salvador 'A', Silverio 'C', Luis 'H', and Gildardo 'R', who were traveling to board of a car of the Mazda brand , carrying five long weapons and a short one.

One of the main objectives of the National Guard is the dismantling of the cartel and the capture of its leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes. "El Mencho" , who according to intelligence reports, has taken refuge in the mountains and has delegated functions for Juan Carlos Valencia González, aka "El 3", who is said to be his son and who is fighting the plaza of Jalisco, Michoacán and its surroundings.

The fight against the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has a priority place since of the 82,747 troops, 71%, will be deployed in the states where this organization has a presence, according to the map of the territorial coordination announced by the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection.

Michoacán is of vital importance for organized crime, not only for the growing and trafficking of drugs, but above all for the control of the vital port city of Lazaro Cárdenas, which is also the main entrance into the country of legal and illegal merchandise from Asia.

Chemical precursors for manufacturing synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine and fentanyl and the precursor chemicals used to manufacture said drugs in clandestine narco laboratories.


  1. Yaqi please don't tell me they will be set free in no time, to continue killing innocent people.

    1. 7:49 they will be set free in no time to continue killing in ocent people, and hopefully a few rival cartel members like the viagras and el abuelo, pinchi viejillo cucaracho needs to go to his maker.

    2. You know they will no loyalty in Mexic . Money buys your freedom and control. Damn shame such a great country great people

  2. Apprehending criminals is the easiest task for the Mexican law enforcement, the problems begin with the prosecutor's attorney and the department of justice.

  3. You know they have to start somewhere

  4. CJNG is unfortunately the new cancer of Mexico...

  5. Cero tolerancia.
    Fusilenlos y se acaba el cancer !!

  6. 😂😂😂 aribba el desierto

  7. My fam is from Sahuayo MICHOACAN, these fools are not from CJNG. They are VIAGRAS MICHOACAN's cartel, La Vendy is the leader of these fools, he was arested like 2 yrs ago for multiple killings and was released. He's a fkn cancer needs a bullet between his eyes!!!!

  8. Ignorant folks..el mencho is on ecuandureo. Real talk, they run the war from there..


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