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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Welcome To The City Of Lost Children

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This is a video that shows just how far the narco culture has extended in one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico. 

Where children aspire to be hit men for the Gulf Cartel. 

This broadcast serves to demonstrate the lack of values and intelligence that their parents possess.

Video translation is as follows:

Interviewer: Children what are your names?

Erick: Erick and Manuel. 

Interviewer: Erick and Manuel where are you originally from?

Erick: From Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 

Interviewer: What do you plan to do?

Erick: We plan to be a part of the Gulf Cartel. 

Interviewer: The Gulf Cartel? Don’t you want to study young man?

Erick: No, that’s just for little kids.
Interviewer: You don’t care about school?

Erick: No, not at all. 

Interviewer: That firearm that you carry is a toy, right? But you really want a real one?

Erick: Yes. I’m Angel Verde from the Gulf Cartel...

Interviewer: But what do you plan to do to the people that you capture? 

Erick: We’re going to paddle them. 

Interviewer: You’re going to paddle them, and what else young man?

Manuel: Even if the police see us. We don’t care. 

Erick: We will also paddle the police. 

Interviewer: You’re going to paddle the police? Will you also behead them or not?

Erick: Yes. 

Manuel: Yes. 

Erick: We’re going to throw them into the woods. 

Interviewer: You’re going to throw them where?

Erick: Into the woods. 

Interviewer: Into the woods, ok. 

Manuel: All the naked ones. 

Interviewer: As you can all see here in this video these are young men from Reynosa. From Reynosa, Tamaulipas. One is 8 years old and how old are you...

Reynosa, Tamaulipas 


  1. A part of society lacking any decency as children aspire to be criminals. Sad to watch. Cartel cannon fodder.

    1. Thanks to American drug addicts

    2. Stand up and accept your own glaring failures,that Mexico is lawless is not the fault of the US,blaming others in life is pretty sad.Stop crying

    3. You can blame it on whoever you want, at the end of the day it is YOUR country that resembles a wasteland. It is YOUR country that is being held hostage by these criminal. It is YOUR Police, federal agents, Politicians, and even president who laugh at you as you beg for help.

    4. World wide addiction, everyone looking for that panacea in life to deal with the tragic and the trivial.

  2. Not surprised, the ones that stop me r very young like 16 r 17. Usually high on something.and probably not getting paid very much. They live about six years after joining the Cartel. The bosses could care less about them.

    1. Whether 8/9 or 16/17, these kids are too uneducated to understand that the cartel bosses DO NOT care about them. Hell, their own parents don't care about them.

  3. So should we be sad when some of these kids get killed?

  4. I want to know who this creepy adult male is, going around and interviewing random children.

    1. We’re all with you. The person trying to expose the culture that is destroying the very fabric of Mexican society is the problem, not the actual mentality he is trying to bring to light. I hope this pervert is executed in the most brutal of ways along with his sick family, and that these kids grow up to liberate people from their bodies simply. I pray that you’ll enlighten us with more insight 🙏

  5. A good ass whipping

    1. The parents need an ass whooping first...tablazos at that.

  6. Replies
    1. 10:45 mocha esta cabeza pendejo.
      Even Russia and the nazis recovered some decency after they lost or won their wars, their lost generations did not keep the bad habits they picked up in their Times of Troubles, as the Irish Republican Army itself recovered quite a bit from theirs.

  7. Puro cdg alv loko, jk this is depressing man Poor kids

  8. Wow, just sad! Parents need they ass whooped!!!

  9. Sol Prendido: Thanks for posting the item.

    I remember in my childhood playing cowboys and indians or soldiers mainly because of the influence of movies. But I don't recall us kids ever going beyond "bang bang you're dead" and taking our virtual enemies for cruel "tablasos."


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