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Monday, October 7, 2019

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo: “El Fogonazo ” Taqueria Owner Executed

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: DiariodeYucatan
                                                                "El Fogonazo" Taqueria
Members of organized crime executed Yucatecan businessman Gonzalo Poot Kantún , 40, who owned the taqueria restaurant “El Fogonazo ”. According to local media, he was killed for not paying his "piso" or “floor right”, ie , the right to do business in his own restaurant. 

His restaurant was located in the subdivision "La Guadalupana" where three employees were also shot.  Warning: Graphic Photos next page:

This Sunday at noon several shots were reported in the taqueria to the emergency number 911. The Municipal Police arrived at the scene and confirmed one death and three wounded. Subsequently, the paramedics treated the injured and took them to the Sesa General Hospital.

The aggression had been committed by two hired assassins with helmets, who arrived on a blue motorcycle and who had been given the gun by someone else aboard a black car .
The armed men entered the "El Fogonazo" taqueria and opened fire on the owner, 40-year-old Gonzalo Poot Kantún , as well as against clients and employees. At 1:00 p.m. today, two subjects were arrested by agents in Solidarity Transit security.  

According to the General Directorate of Public Security and Solidarity Transit under the command of Commander Jorge Robles Aguilar, there are two subjects who have been arrested for their alleged participation in the armed attack in the Guadalupana subdivision.
The suspects were arrested by municipal police because they correspond to the characteristics described by the witnesses as well as those referred to in the 911 emergency line reports.

Two suspects arrested:
According to the reports, at one in the afternoon, two suspects were located in a convenience store, who had the same characteristics as the hitmen. The Municipal Police stopped them while they were speeding on a motorcycle with Quintana Roo license plates.

The alleged material authors would be Enrique Romero, 30 years old and originally from Veracruz and Wilberth Renán G., 29 years old and from Quintana Roo.

The capture was in the vicinity of the Ciudad Natura subdivision , when police officers observed two subjects aboard a motorcycle that corresponded with the characteristics of the hitmen who executed the Yucatecan businessman who were speeding. When seeing the presence of police they slowed down and took an elusive route by entering the parking lot of a self-service store and entered it; however, the policemen managed to arrest them both.

After cuffing them, the agents reviewed the two men and confirmed the signs and characteristics described by the eye witnesses, and after informing them of the reason for the arrest and the reading of their rights, they were transferred to a clinic to be assessed by a doctor.  Later the two men were made available to the State Attorney General.

The four injured from the deadly attack remain in various hospitals and the state of their health is reserved, as well as their identities. The authorities will handle the case with caution in order to determine the legal status of the detainees, meanwhile the motorcycle was impounded for evidence  and made available to the Public Ministry.

On Oct 4,  Another macabre find in Cancun, A dismembered body in a trash can:
Cleaning workers at the “Intelligence Mexico” concessionaire found a dismembered body in a garbage container near the “Playa del Niño” in Cancun .

According to the 911 emergency report, released at 2:40 am today, company workers were collecting in the “Playa del Niño” area when they reached one of the restaurant sites raised one of the the lids to a garbage "drums" and saw inside a dismembered body .

Amazed by the macabre find, they notified the Municipal authorities by calling 911.

Research / Investigation in the area was attended to by elements of the Quintana Roo Police, ministerial agents and staff of the State Attorney General's Office to carry out the corresponding procedures and remove the body.
On Oct 1, A body wrapped in a sheet w signs of torture and a warning message:
A dismembered body was found,  a new warning to police officers in Cancun as the new month of October begins in Mexico's main tourist destination. Through 9-1-1 emergency number the finding was reported.

The report stated that the body was found at the corner of Acanceh Street with Chichen Itza , in SuperManzana 59, or Morelos Unit, as this area of ​​the city of Cancun is also known.

The authorities report that it is a man's dismembered body and aside it was a blanket with a threatening message, message undisclosed at the time of this publication.

Two dead and one shot in a bullet attack were reported in Puerto Morelos. With this new day of violence, the number of 287 executed in Cancun and 10 in Puerto Morelos was reached.
The attacks were recorded just a few hours after the head of the State Secretariat of Public Security , Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra appeared in Chetumal before members of the XVI State Legislature of Quintana Roo .


  1. They better be careful or Cancun will end up like Acapulco.

  2. Yaqui, you're on a roll! Love reading your articles. Keep up the good work gurl👍🏾

  3. I hope they torture the fuck out of them to find the entire cell.

  4. Excellent 👍 catch, but usually police delay time to let the criminals disappear. Who knows what cartel they are from, killing a taco seller what gives!

  5. "La Jesusa" Alberto Capella Ibarra alias el Rambo de Tijuana is an asshole since he beat 250 Tijuana criminals, narcos, kidnappers and sexual violators that attacked him at his house where he smartly defended himself and his integrity with his rifle he was not trained to use...
    This Godson of the Hank Rohn criminal famiglia is behind the worst crimes from Tijuana, Morelos, and Quintana Roo alias Cancun like jorge winckler was behind the criminality in Veracruz and Edgar Veytia was behind crimes in Nayarit, he would confess everything at the sight of the Tehuacanazos and the cattle prod up the ass...


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