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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Observador Ciudadano: Journalist and Lawyer Stabbed in Nayarit

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElSol y Infobae
Journalist and lawyer Manuel Treviño Alfaro was stabbed Tuesday , Oct 8 , at a laundry in Ciudad Del Valle in Tepic, Nayarit, local media reported.

Treviño is the Director of Observador Ciudadano (Citizen Observer) news team; the attack was carried out at the laundry located on the corner of Florence and Athens streets by a subject with a knife. It is the third time he has been attacked.

According to the first reports, he received four stabs in the abdomen and another in the hand so he was transferred to a Tepic medical unit. The communicator was seriously injured so he was taken to a hospital where he was surgically operated to try to save his life.

Director of the Citizen Observer portal , it is not the first time Trevino has been the victim of an attack . According to local media, in January 2012 he was attacked by a subject with a gun , although he managed to stop his assailant thanks to the help of his assistant and left unharmed.

But on this occasion, the communicator was attacked with a knife and reported delicate health , according to the Mexican state agency.

Witnesses reported that the subject came directly to attack the journalist , who was left on the floor with multiple injuries , four in the abdomen and one in the hand ; elements of the State Police, the National Guard and Red Cross paramedics arrived.

“From the first moment of the unfortunate event, I requested that investigations be initiated without delay . I sympathize with his family, friends and colleagues. I hope justice will be applied against the intellectual and material perpetrators of this aggression that outrages us all, ” said Nayarit Governor Antonio Echevarría García about the event.

Antonio Echevarría, governor of the state of Nayarit said on his Twitter account that he is very aware status of the health of the communicator and hopes for his speedy recovery.

Local media detailed that in the morning the journalist was surgically operated and is recovering , however, his condition is delicate.

In Puerto Vallarta, a town on the coast of the state of Jalisco, he was also attacked at his home in 2013 and but also survived that attack alive .

From the year 2000 to date, the organization in defense of freedom of expression, Article 19 , has documented 131 murders of journalists in Mexico. Of the total, 121 are men and 10 are women.


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