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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Nectar Lima leaves message and corpses

Hacienda Nueva, Morelos, Zacatecas - On the road to Fresnillo, about 500 meters from the access to the community of Hacienda Nueva, Morelos, four plastic bags with human remains and a cardboard manta containing a message alluding to organized crime were located .

The bags contained the mutilated remains of a man between 30 and 35 years old.

The macabre find was on Monday, minutes before 3 pm in the direction of the airport, in front of the return to the capital.

 Preventive Police personnel, Metropolitan, National Guard, investigative police agents and personnel of the General Directorate of Expert Services, were mobilized to the place.

The bags with the remains, were left on the side of an asphalt road between some bushes. They were immediately lifted by forensic experts.

Unlike other reports, of which the authorities of the three levels of government belong to, this time in just 30 minutes or less, all the evidence was collected and taken to the Expert Services facilities.

Finally, the Ministry of Public Security confirmed that the bags with the remains were not opened in the area by the forensic personnel, but were moved to the capital.

It should be noted that it was first reported that there were only two bags, hours later it was confirmed that there were four.

Message reads as follows:

Comandante Zorro? Here lies your soldier El Piporro.  This will be the fate of every Talios, Golfos, meth heads, and chapulines.

Sincerely, Your daddy from Nectar Lima (Nuevo Laredo) The Grand Pricks

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  1. Replies
    1. 2:05 nectar Lima is out of NL, working directly with/for cdn

    2. Nectar Lima = Nuevo Laredo

    3. C.D.N. old name, Los Nectar Lima an Los Zetas cell in Nuevo Laredo, Coca Victor is Los Zetas in Ciudad Victoria

    4. Nectar Lima is just camouflage in radio ftequencies as Nuevo Laredo and CDN rules NL!

  2. Nectar Lima is how people from CDN refer to Nuevo Laredo. That's headquarters for CDN.

    - El Escorpion

  3. Yes Cartel del Noreste.

  4. In zacatecas nectar Lima is a group of Zetas that operate out of fresnillo and surrounding towns - Old SCHOOL LATIN KING -


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