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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Narco Suspicions Against AMLO

In a low voice, Mexico has been talking, for a long time, about the peculiar relationship of the Government of President López Obrador with the drug cartels, particularly with the one headed by Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán (now imprisoned for life and convicted in the United States), the Sinaloa Cartel. The comments rose in tone after the serious incidents of last Thursday, when the city of Culiacán was held by the cartel for several hours and subtracted authority of the Mexican State.

Culiacán is not just any city: it is the capital of the state of Sinaloa and has about 900,000 inhabitants (a population similar to the total of Cyprus, a third more than the total of Luxembourg, almost three times that of Iceland, or similar to cities like San Francisco or Indianapolis in the United States), with a state GDP per capita of 148,680 pesos per year, equivalent to $7,780 US dollars (data from INEGI 2017), lower than the Mexican average but higher than that of India, for example. It is therefore not a city without importance, isolated or marginal.

The city of Culiacán, Sinaloa was taken hostage by the Sinaloa Cartel, last Thursday, October 17, in order to achieve the release of the son of "El Chapo", Ovidio Guzman, apparently arrested by the Mexican Government in an operation at his girlfriend's house to complete an extradition request from the United States Government. 

The aforementioned operation was conducted by the new National Guard, with only 30 elements, without an arrest warrant or strategy, without communication or request for support with the Army or local authorities. 
In response, it only took the cartel 15 minutes to change to a small but fearfully armed army, surround the National Guard, control the city through blockades and threaten the housing unit where the families of soldiers from the military headquarters in the region live. In the end, after a few hours, López Obrador's government had to hand over Ovidio Guzmán to them, to restore order in the city and cease the threats of the cartel.

In this manner, the Cartel demonstrated to his own and strangers that it can easily destabilize the Mexican Government, paralyze and kidnap any city in the country, attack the Army with impunity in their own homes and subject the population at will through terror and blackmail. In view of the ease and its results, it would not be uncommon to see other similar cases soon.
In his apology, López Obrador argues that by freeing the son of the boss he saved thousands of lives. Maybe. But it should not be forgotten that he himself and his Government were who first put them in grave danger, with an insufficient, chaotic and improvised operation. So thanking or cheering for your decision is a nonsense: it means rewarding incapable planning and failed execution of the operation, parts of a public safety strategy that simply does not work. It is to excuse irresponsibility. It is to agree with a ridiculous rule of law. 

It is as the old Mexican adage goes: to want to cover the sun with a finger, to defend a government that to those who were in the middle of the shooting or hiding and terrified in their homes or jobs, simply does not help them. It is fooling ourselves.
                                          Governor of Sinaloa with Pres Lopez Obrador
The Government of López Obrador simply does not work, public institutions have been inoperative and overwhelmed.

This, in principle, by the inability of a government that does not distinguish between the use of force to repress and its use to enforce the rights of life, property and freedom of its fellow citizens. López Obrador does not seem to understand that not every use of government force is repression. In this sense, avoiding deaths happens precisely by preserving the individual rights of citizens. Otherwise, given the manifest incapacity, allow citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves, on their own. 

On the sidelines, however, it is urgent in Mexico to legislate for the free acquisition and carrying of firearms.

What happened in Culiacán would be a great negligence and incapacity of López Obrador and his government. But it could also mean something else, different, intentional. Therefore, we must ask ourselves the question that many today can only think: Was López Obrador financed by the Cartel at some point in his long political career, which would force him to preferential treatment at least towards that cartel? Maybe. The opacity of his personal income in the last 14 years, the suspicion about the resources of his different campaigns, the endless scandals about his financing (Bejarano, Mandoki, contracts in the government of Marcelo Ebrard, the «voluntary cooperations» to the PRD and MORENA of government employees or Eva Cadena) speak at least of an unscrupulous handling in financial matters.

A preferential treatment to the Sinaloa cartel can be traced at least from the management of immigration privileges for the mother of "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera, Consuelo Loera, so that she could visit her son in the United States, and López Obrador's condolences for the conviction of the narco criminal: "Nobody deserves something like that," López Obrador said, untouched by the fate of the multi assassin. Or that the "lopezobradorista" Security Secretary himself possesses properties that once belonged to drug traffickers, or that in other posts he has employed characters linked to the cartels or that one of his children has shared a school classroom with Ovidio Guzmán himself. ( The Security Secretary, ie)

Like cherry on the cake, there was the press conference of the lawyers of the Guzmán Loera family, thanking President López Obrador for having released Ovidio. We saw criminals thanking a president publicly in a media show  for not  arresting a known criminal with an extradition warrant ? On top of all that they invited him to their operations center, Badiraguato, to celebrate it and inaugurate a university for which the Guzmán family will fund!

All this throws a disturbing suspicion, which transcends the possible inability of the government: the operation to detain Ovidio Guzman was planned and deliberately executed to fail. Thus, the president sought to look good with the cartel, externally earning the animosity of the United States Government. He simply tried to look good with God and the Devil.

In the end, whether it was an operation "planned" for incompetence or ill-intentioned, the serious thing is the message it sends to the other drug cartels (some with much greater fire capacity than that of Sinaloa) and other criminal groups: anything goes against an accomplice kneeling government. So what happened last Thursday, will happen again, sooner or later, and perhaps more seriously, to everyone's misfortune.

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from: Lapolaka


  1. Did Ordaz Coppel have a stroke? I’ve always wondered about that facial tic he has when smiling where one side of his mouth is smiling and the other side is totally slack.

  2. Sol: Thanks for posting the article. It strengthens my fears that the USA should stay far, far away from miltary and political involvements in Mexico.
    Given the many serious implications of AMLO caving to criminals and possibly even being in bed with them, I fear that this situation is like a falling domino that will further destabilize Mexico.
    I just pray that the USA stays far, far away from getting involved in Mexican affairs because like a evil disease it will certainly infect and possibly destroy America.

    1. WTF are you talking about. We most definitely should be involved as we are partly responsible for the shitstorm they are in.

  3. It's always speculation this and that Presidents are corrupt and such but never actual indisputable proof.
    What is needed is inside info not hearsay to solve the countries problems.

    AMLO is doing damage control to ease the masses that he is not in cahoots with any cartel. His willingness to assist in the Guzman affairs are what he has displayed. Past visit to the town clearly shows disregard for law when it comes to the heart of the drug trade.

  5. Man that was a painful read. Just post the original in Spanish, probably easier to understand.

  6. Let’s all stop acting dumb in Mexico the government his payed right know but AMLO is not on CDS payroll I’m not saying AMLO but some government officials are taking money from El mencho and cjng if you see were all the problems in Mexico are mostly happening is Cjng fighting and the government goes after the rivals in those areas they don’t really get cjng the kill military and police and the government still goes against other cartels that ain’t even doing half of what cjng been doing to Mx

    1. The Sinaloa government are the cartel AMLO.
      SO NOW U KNOW.

  7. Meh, people said that the government was in El Chapo's pocket, and look what happened to him.

    I don't AMLO is on the take. I think he's just the bad kind of bleeding heart. He treats criminals like they're naughty children and not threats to national security. I don't think the release of Ovidio was due to any kind of financial incentive, AMLO has just convinced himself that focusing on poverty alone will drive down violence, and he ignores any evidence to the contrary.

    I'm truly sorry that Mexico can't seem to find a presidential candidate who actually has some measure of competence.

    1. Read the news, Ovidio was released in exchange for military hostages.

    2. The Mexican government protects the Mexican capos but when the U.S wants them they catch them regardless

  8. Serious talks of a revolution need to start happening. Enough is enough.

  9. the tactics used by Sinaloa are nothing new, They have been used in Jalisco and Michoacan, When 8-5 was captured, this happened but it was a whole different government that did not promoted hugs over gunshots, and the operations where carried out successfully. It clearly does show favortism here, the previous administrations allowed the military to do their job, and even if the Marines that captured chapo seemed like they where about to fail, the operations carried out where good enough that didnt gave cds to react this same way or simply didnt wanna go head to head with the government, in this raid they knew they where protected, they knew who had their back they knew the government would retreat so they showed up all confident.

    now I agree, others will wanna do this thinking that "hugs rather than bullets" goes for everyone and expect the same result, but obviously theres a favorite cartel involved. If it wouldve been someone else lets say Marro, and his people react the same way i am sure there is nooooooo he would have the same luck, the government doesnt like him since he steals from them (PEMEX) and they would shoot it out with his people and take him

  10. Escrito por Victor H. Becerra / PanamPost

    Written by Victor H. Becerra / PanamPost

  11. Amlo took orders from Chapo...el Senor gave him hundred of millions before going up north.

  12. I always think its funny when people say Mayo was the real boss...his sons got bag and tagged in Culiacan and no shots were fired. Chapo was the real boss of Sinaloa without a doubt.

    1. Compa usted no sabe nada calladito se ve más bonito 🤫🍅🍅🍅

  13. The old fuck is a socialist, they say nice things while their pockets get bigger. A socialist is the last thing shit hole Mexico needs. Socialist know how to manipulate poor people best.

  14. Te falto comentar que es la
    Misma historia de los mandatarios anteriores a AMLO
    Todos recibieron dinero del Narco para sus campañas electorales
    Entre ellos es el ex gobernador de Veracruz Fidel Herrera y la marrana Duarte.
    Vendidos a los Zetas

  15. Nada nuevo y no nos vamos ha espantar de que si está con los CDS.
    Que presidente los últimos 30 años no ha recibido dinero del Narco para sus campañas electorales??
    Y quien en el gobierno va a decir que no a millones de dólares para hacerse de la vista gorda.
    AMLO no es una blanca Paloma pero quien esté libre de pecado que tire la primera piedra .......

  16. EPN was on Menso's payroll so what is the point of the story. Recurring theme in MX.

  17. Let’s not act like shit like this never happens or has happened in Mexico before this only blew up because of social media metiches big mouth people México is to far gone it’s rooted into every child who lives in poverty it went further than Colombia

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks bro. Stay safe crossing that bridge.


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