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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Morelia, Mich: 13 Dead in Confrontations including One Police Officer

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate y Quadratin
According to the FGE, crossfire originated after ministers discovered an alleged CJNG "safe house".  

A total of 13 people were shot dead, including a police officer, in several violent events related to drug cartels, in the western Mexican state of Michoacán, authorities said on Saturday.

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) explained that one of the cases occurred in the historic center of Morelia, capital of Michoacán, where a group of Ministerial Police discovered a "safe house" of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) .

The police officers managed to obtain a search warrant and set out early on Saturday to enter the house, located in the Gertrudis Bocanegra neighborhood, where a dozen hit men opened fire on them.

The confrontation lasted for more than an hour and the end result was one policeman and four suspected criminals killed, as well as five detainees.

The investigative policeman that was killed is identified as Officer Jesús Irepan Rojas Villanueva.

Vehicles, assault rifles, guns, drug doses, bulletproof vests and other evidence that was seized there  makes the FGE assume that the detained and dead are members of CJNG.

The FGE reported that, prior to that confrontation, in Morelia four other people were tortured and shot to death in the  Colonias of Constituent, Querétaro, Presa Los Reyes and Villas del Real, as well as on the Morelia-Pátzcuaro state highway.
In two of the cases, the CJNG left "calling cards" ( narco- mantas ) taking responsibility the crimes.

The Michoacán Police also revealed that in the municipality of Uruapan, the second most important city in Michoacán, four other people were shot dead in three different events.

Two of the victims were dismembered and their bodies abandoned in plastic bags, in the Valle de Las Delicias neighborhood.

The third body was abandoned in a residential area known as La Charanda, while the fourth victim was killed in the Río Volta neighborhood.

According to the FGE, all these cases are related to the wave of violence generated by CJNG, ie Jalisco Nueva Generación and Nueva Familia Michoacana cartels, the latter operating through its arm of self-styled hitmen known as "Los Viagras."

Today the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán paid tribute to the officer Jesús Irepan Rojas Villanueva, who was killed early today during the operation in the Gertrudis Bocanegra neighborhood of Morelia, who was with the Department for almost 15 years.


  1. "Calling cards"... really????

  2. The military should be conducting the raids there’s no shooting in the air or holding innocents hostage with the 4 letter cartel

  3. How many times will it be falsely reported that Viagras are a brazo armado de LNFM. Viagras and LNFM are the same thing, just a re-branding by Los Viagras to distance themselves from past bad deeds and to try and claim some of the mystique of the original FM.

    1. Theyre now called “carteles unidos”

    2. Your wrong viagras are there own thing just the alliance is called lnfm which is composed of varios cells

    3. What I’m saying is that Viagras—the Sierra Santana family—is the head of the Viagras/LNFM/Carteles Unidos organization. It’s the same way Los Menchos/Los Cuinis are one and the same with CJNG.

  4. Let's see if this SEARCH WARRANT is not compromised by corrupt judges like that in Mexico's last week.

    I would not oppose a Philippines war on drug tactics for suspected drug traffickers. But we all know the poetic compassion of AMLOS policies;"HUGS & KISSES. 🥰

    1. I agree, but AMLO is a weak pathetic leader

    2. Salinas , Fox , Calderon and peña Nieto were true brave strong patriot presidents who did the best for Mexico right?

      Pinches payasos.

      Arriva mi cabecita de algodón 👨🏽‍🦳

    3. If the president isn’t oppressing the country
      He’s a pathetic leader?

      Love the logic.


    4. @12:45
      Where were you when Calderon was President?
      Did you miss his term?

      Cause that strategy didn’t work then, I don’t think it’ll work now and AMLO knows that.

      Ofcourse that fighting fire with fire strategy ,
      Would make interesting news right? bloodshed always does.

    5. @ 5:54


    6. @621
      A year into AMLO’s term?

    7. Seem to have worked?
      Like AMLO’s term is over?


  5. Los fueran matado a todos!

  6. Cjng killing the competition literally

  7. When are they gonna allow the marina to just kill all the bastards!? Fucking AMLO's hugs and kisses policy is working so well. He's dirty too.

  8. Use "narco banners" when translating narco mantas it makes more sense. Keep up the good work.

  9. Cowards killing cowards

  10. Cant we all just join hands and be amigos...

  11. If four were killed in Uruapan, then the total for Morelia would be 8 or 9, not 13. Headline is wrong.

  12. Wonder if cjng is behind the new group “cmng”?

    1. Yes they are, that group is gonna be in charge of killing all the templarios, they also call them selves caza templarios

  13. Excellent 👍 work more of the CJNG need to be killed, and those captured alive will be out, in a week, should have shot them too.


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