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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mexico's Power Attorney: Millions Frozen in Bank Accounts from Imprisoned Money Launderer

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: dossierpolitico
Andorra judicial authorities ordered 76.5 million euros, $83.1 million dollars, to be seized from Juan Ramón Collado, lawyer for former president Enrique Peña Nieto.

According to the edition of  El País de España,  the former president's lawyer is being investigated for illicit association and money laundering.

The Spanish media added in its note published Tuesday that Collado began to be investigated after the lawyer transferred 10.5 million euros, about $12 million dollars, from Andorra to a BBVA account in Madrid six days before being arrested in July. According to the Spanish newspaper, Collado is known in Mexico as the power attorney for defending authorities and politicians.

Collado detained on July 9 and has since been in prison on charges of several crimes, he recalled.

The fortune of Collado, also a lawyer for Raúl Salinas, in the principality, deposited in the Banca Privada d'Andorra (BPA), had been frozen along with that of the other clients of this entity in March 2015, when the financial institution was closed for alleged irregularities, El País mentioned.

Subsequently, Judge Canòlic Mingorance seized the funds of Peña Nieto's lawyer for an alleged crime of money laundering.

The Public Ministry of Andorra said there was a risk that the lawyer's assets in that country would be transferred abroad before the investigation was completed, so they requested seizure of Collado's accounts.
He added that the Andorra judge, Maria Àngels Moreno, asked Mexico for all the information about the arrest of Juan Ramón Collado, as well as his links to criminal activities.

He also asks that Cristina Lozano, former deputy general manager of the Banca Privada d'Andorra, and Joan Marc Masson, former employee of the bank, be investigated for the same cause.


  1. This right here is better than catching a high profile name, follow the money and seize assets.

  2. This is what needs to happen , follow the money, dismantle the finance structure

  3. This is why the Pri lost

  4. A real high-up in the narco food-chain: never seen blood, never smelled death, always in a nice clean shirt raking in the millions which has caused death and mayhem in his country and the world.

    A real scumbag who hides behind ethical arguments, certificates and proper documentation!

  5. For those pushing gun control. There are already countries with strict gun controls.

  6. That's a lot of money for a lawyer to have made. The astronomical amount is unbelievable to say his earnings are legitimate.

  7. Seattle Times is reporting the money in the Andorra bank account came from suspect land deals, probably meaning a bunch of indigenous or ejido land was stolen and then sold to foreign corporations.

  8. Mexican government curruption at it's finest. How did he get all that money? When someone runs is office, that is when they are milking the system, same as judges they get lots of bribes, from cartel members, to set thier comrades free.

  9. If funds are in fact Pena Neito or Salines, they should also be in jail. They are both crooks and will fit find in jail.

  10. Lots of money which cartel was he working with?

  11. Mexico is all corrupt. Drain the swamp.


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