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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Manta for Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra SSP in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo, Mexico - A dismembered body was located on Tuesday night along with a narco-message addressed to the Secretary of Public Security, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, on Acanceh Street, corner of Chichén Itzá Avenue, in Supermanzana 59.

The discovery of the human remains was reported around 7:40 p.m. and it was preliminary indicated that there was a manta with a message addressed against Capella.

The circulation of Chichén Itza Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic in both directions, in that section of the Unidad Morelos, in Supermanzana 59.

Manta translation reads as follows:

José Alberto Capella Ibarra, what do you gain by clearing the name of Los Rojos, and of exterminating the presence of the filthy CJNG in the state? Was the package too big for you to handle or did they finally meet your price faggot?

You keep lying, extorting, and violating the citizens rights. In Morelos you claimed to have 5000 policemen. But in actuality you only had 1600. Where are the 3400 ghost salaries? 

Let me remind you that Archi (Police Inpsector José Antonio "Archi" Yama) was one of your many puppets who weeks before you ordered him to pick up and steal merchandise from CJNG in Playa del Carmen, he seized 8 kilos of cocaine and 2 million pesos. Will you use these funds to whitewash your image within the media?

Let me also remind you that policeman Ali Gamaliel was killed because of that drug load you had seized. Just as well that Citlali Cabañas official was also killed for collecting bribes and turning them over to you on behalf of your cartel on the month of June 2019. Or will you continue playing dumbass with these affairs?

With a dismembered person and a narco manta organized crime challenges Alberto Capella Ibarra, we herby accuse you of giving carte blanche to organized crime groups. And for having stolen a drug load as well as 2 million pesos in cash. Sincerely. M.M.

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  1. If it wasnt him, it will be the next guy. No end to this. Too many ready to do the dirty work.

  2. If someone wanted to investigate this guy Secretary of Public Security, what department would do that? Anybody that is somebody in Mexico seems to not have a boss...

    1. Public Security of the state in question, in this case in Quintana Roo, where Cancun is located, can be fired by mexican federal Congress, State Legislators or governors and residents of the state, sued, impeached, fired or taken to Court my personal favorite is boiling ineffective Prostiturers in hot water.
      Capella is "EL Rambo de Tijuana", known for his Small head and out of this world criminality sponsored since jorge hank rohn went to serve himself as appointed mayor of Tijuana by his followers.
      Capella, and Julian Leyzaola are one pair of Corrupt "cops" from Tijuana.

  3. If only a fraction of what is claimed in the manta is true, that is enough. Have to consider the source, however, as one thief calls another a bigger thief.

    1. 4:17 no bigger thiefs than those who hide behind power,
      be it PAN, PRI, PRD, MORENA, PT, PES, or PVEM, behind them is always a smart narco-politician sponsored by the US.

  4. Anyone associated with a cartel, either execute them on the spot or remove their eyes. Problem solved.

  5. Anyone knows who 'we' is/are in "we herby accuse you" ???

  6. A cartel upset because thier load was seized by police. Cartels are quick to kill, including innocent people, and now cry when they lose, nah can't have it both ways. Cartel losers.

    1. 7:34 Capella "el Rambo de Tijuana" is a cartel Member, but you would not know what cartel, they have been very smart for a long time, they have made off with all the money and all the crime for Longer time, they own Cancun and all the "Mayan Riviera" and nobody accuses them of anything but "we"


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