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Sunday, October 6, 2019

"Los Salazares" try taking over San Luis Río Colorado

A wave of violence could be unleashed in Mexicali and San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, over the struggles to control the plazas. The wave of violence that affects San Luis Río Colorado (SLRC), Sonora and Mexicali, Baja California , initially begins with the incursion intent of the criminal group called Los Salazar, by taking over the border city of Sonora.

While in the Mexicali capital, an alleged disagreement between operators of a cell belonging the Sinaloa cartel (CDS), caused the killings in the Ejido Sombrerete  and the Kilometro 57 town of Valle Mexicali on Sept 6, 2019.

In both cases, the Directorate of Public Security of Municipal de Mexicali and the Municipal Police of San Luis Río Colorado, join efforts to reduce as much as possible a possible incursion again of Los Salazar group both in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora as in Mexicali, Baja California.

In San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, as in the Mexicali Valley, Baja California, there is a marked fear that violence will overflow in these areas, so measures have been taken to avoid patrolling at night, to prevent the police from being surprised by an armed group. Just as well all the officers in these areas carry assault rifles during their morning patrols.

An interview was requested on a number of occasions with the current Acting Director of the Muncipal Police of Mexicali, Alejandro Monreal, to know what kind of strategies were being implemented to reduce the impact of these violent events in the city and in the Mexicali Valley, but the agenda of the Police Director was very saturated in response to the transition of the new municipal government, so it was not possible to consolidate an interview and know the position of the head of the Police, about these violent events.

Interestingly, the Director granted other interviews to other media, while Columnaocho's request was ignored. ( Columnaocho press outlet)

According to an analysis by the Government of Sonora and the Security Council of Baja California to which Columnaocho had access. The intention of a violent incursion by alleged hitmen belonging to the Sonoran group of Los Salazar, was what generated last Sunday, September 8 of 2019, an outbreak of violence in SLRC. Which left a balance of four dead and four hit men arrested.

In the first instance, a group of hitmen went to a home in SLRC, where they murdered a man. In their flight the hitmen ran into the municipal police of SLRC. They in turn killed three armed men.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the hitmen were young men between fourteen to 17 years old.
Another group of hitmen managed to escape, but federal and municipal authorities located them, and managed to arrest four hitmen in the immediate vicinity of SLRC.

According to intelligence reports from federal corporations and the State of Sonora, it’s being indicated that in May 2019 operators from the Sinaloa cartel, representatives of the Quintero family and members of Los Salazar most likely met in Hermosillo. Where the objective was to end the struggle between the three criminal groups.

Presumably, the idea was to end the struggle between these criminal organizations, where each would respect the territory of the others.

At the meeting a member did not agree; Los Salazars proposed to operate in San Luis Río Colorado. And that their counterparts in the Sinaloa cartel should retreat to the Mexicali Valley.

The meeting was a bust so no agreements were made. Four months later Los Salazar operators, tried to take over SLRC with force.

Who are Los Salazar? 
The group or organization of Los Salazar is a criminal group, according to intelligence reports from federal corporations. Which has been operating since the 1990s, mainly in Sonora, but its members are originally from the State of Chihuahua.

Its founder was Adan Salazar, who was arrested in 2011. It is presumed that a brother of Adan is the one who currently runs the organization and is in charge of it.

The Salazars are considered a radically violent group. Mexicali: internal family struggle of CDS operators generates violence.

One of the strongest lines of investigation, on the murders of the Ejido Sombrerete  and Kilometer 57 of the Mexicali Valley, is that a family struggle or differences between the four dead, generated violence in the rural area of ​​the capital of Baja California.

This difference would have occurred due to the loss or disappearance presumably of a drug shipment, among those involved. There is the unofficial version, in which two of the four dead were brothers-in-law or had a close family relationship.

In the first case, Juan de Dios Guzmán Hernández and Juan Amezcua Piña were killed on September 3, 2019, in the ejido del Sombrerete.

In the second case, Julio César Aguilar Garcías, aka "El Vaquero" and Rodolfo Antonio Galindo Jiménez were also killed.This happened on September 6, 2019, in the town known as Kilometer 57.

According to ministerial investigations, "El Vaquero", operated or operated at some time, for the Sinaloa cartel, in the Mexicali Valley.

In the four homicides they used an assault rifle known as an AR-15, to kill the victims. But the Directorate of Expert Services of the State Attorney General's Office did not establish a ballistic relationship in none of these cases.

There is another version in which the authorities do not wish to deepen, that indicates that the Sinaloa cartel operators themselves ordered these murders. Since Aguilar García and his allies would’ve been supporting another rival organization, from the State of Jalisco. This could be why they would have ordered his death.
Who was "El Vaquero"?
At the time, Julio César Aguilar García aka "El Vaquero" was considered an important operator of the Sinaloa cartel. Specifically Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, who according to Federal Government reports is dedicated to the transfer of drugs by air from the Gulf of Santa Clara, Sonora to the Mexicali Valley, Baja California.

He was arrested in March 2011, in the Gulf of Santa Clara, along with five others, by the SLRC Police who handed over the detainee to the Mexican Army. And Aguilar García and his accomplices were transferred to Mexicali.

Presumably, "El Vaquero" would have been prosecuted for the offense of organized crime by federal authorities. It is unknown when he was set free or had been operating in the Mexicali Valley.

Sol Prendido For Borderland Beat from: MexCodeRojo


  1. Cdn zetas announce a cleansing of michoacanos in northern tamaulipas. Cdn alleges there was a cleansing carried out by el hummer because michoacanos were trafficking organs. Cdn claims they are doing it again.

    1. The zetas are getting their A$$ kicked by michoacanos again so they are 😢

    2. Lol zetas are beheading michoacanos

    3. 10:23 Los agarraron porque tuvieron huevos de entrarle al territorio del enemigo. Si viste como no se aculo cuando lo iba empezar el cortar? Pensó el sicario porque le acariciaba el hombro con el cuchillo que iba empezar a gritar y chillar. Observa el vídeo y se nota que esos vatos no tienen experiencia con decapitar a rivales, por eso le avanzan la velocidad a la grabación.

  2. I thought CAF was calling shots in that area?

    1. Where have you been? Were you one of those kidnapped 10 years ago and released?

  3. Excellent reporting your guys do a great job! Love borderland beat!

  4. Salazar's are no threat in Sonora no more than cjng. Just punks waving flags. Everybody knows that Salazar barely got out alive in Sonoyta what makes you think they going to do in St. Louis.

    1. Then tell the culón KArrete that he was the first to flee and hide in the south through Aya de Morelos, Valga Verga in 8 Sonoyta!

    2. 1:41 Carrete graduated elementary school and went back to his turf, The Morelos area, to Guerrero and Mexico City and the whole Estado de Mexico was bristling with Beltranuses and Sinaloans all the way to the Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nuevo Lion, Chihuahuas, Sonora and the Bajas and neighboring states, still is,

  5. No idea why anyone would want to work in San Luis,Son. Forget the fact that it's Death Valley hot out there. If you do manage to get loads across there are checkpoints in every direction in Yuma,Az. But who knows...

    1. No es fácil la brincada en la línea, tal vez sea para el mercado local?

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    3. Death Valley is a different area

    4. Its hotter than Phoenix.

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      of course there is Death Valley but airplanes and other transportation make it meaningless, people know where and how to do everything in Arizona, even Joe Bananas saw the inmensity of opportunities in Arizona after he came back from the dead, he also never quit Canada or the Niu Yores, then former DEA agent became "the pink ass full of baloney Sheriff", Joe "El Apache"Arpaio.

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  7. I'm from Mexicali and things have been going hot down here.

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