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Friday, October 25, 2019

La Union de Tepito suspects released

Video translation is as follows:
Ciro Gómez Leyva: On Tuesday we reported the operation that took place in Tepito. A search in a neighborhood identified as the main operations center of La Unión Tepito cartel. Weapons, drugs, seized laboratories, money, and even a tunnel was found. That connected that neighborhood with another where weapons and drugs were hidden. This Tuesday 31 people were arrested. Well, tonight a control judge ordered the release of 27 of those 31 detainees. Virtually everyone. The judge said their detention was illegal. That there were falsehoods in police reports. And that the capital police had exhibited violence against the 5 women detained. And who was the judge who ordered that detention? He is Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna, the federal control judge who confers in the Reclusorio Sur. 

This judge who has talked to us so much here is the nephew of Dolores Padierna, the deputy of MORENO. And which yesterday while exhibiting a dubious extreme he dictated again prison for Dolores Robles. With Rosario Robles the law was applied sharply. And apparently in other cases the law is administered gracefully. In respect to these releases of Tepito a few moments ago, a few minutes ago. Sources from the Ministry of Public Security tell Imagen News that this was due to the contradictions that Judge Delgadillo Padierna had found. 

The drugs, weapons and everything that was seized on Tuesday demonstrated that there were crimes to prosecute. These sources also told us, sources from the Secretariat of Security of Mexico City. They tell us that the Attorney General's Office was not able to build strong enough investigative cases. And that's why these 27 people were set free, a case that leaves us surprised. With extreme rigor Rosalio Robles is left in jail. And apparently the same judge allows 27 of 31 people free. And we’ve all seen what their arguments were. And in addition the police of the City of Mexico makes a frontal accusation against the Attorney General's Office.

 Sol Prendido Borderland Beat Source


  1. sounds like the rogue 9th circuit judges whose nutjob decisions always get overturned.

    1. So very true. Activist judges are just as bad as corrupt Mexican judges.

  2. In Mex everybody who is up is in the pocket of somebody else. It is such a corrupt swamp sucking the life out of anything honest trying to survive there.

  3. This is ridiculous. They got them with drugs, tons of armaments, human skulls and running a narco-tunnel, and they get let go because the paperwork wasn’t done right. The Mexican courts are a joke. People attack cops, but there ARE honest cops risking their life to put some of these psychos in prison. However, the courts let them out within 48 hours almost all the time!

    1. The has been the norm for years, having weapons and drugs is supposed to be big time in prison, but bribe money talks, they let them go, a normal citizen with a weapon like an ar-15 and have no money to bribe get 7 years in prison.

  4. AMLO says "Let's not rush into judgment with the release of these individuals".
    Maybe not by your hand this time AMLO. But by others who feel the need to keep things going! Regardles of laws.



  5. Time to execute on sight. Leave the courts out of it.


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