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Friday, October 18, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Woman executed in her chair this week

Video translation is as follows:
Reporter: How are you, good morning. We are in the Bella Vista neighborhood where the latest execution was registered here in Ciudad Juarez a few moments ago. She is a female who was killed exactly at the corners of Calle Azucenas and Calle Altamirano. The woman, we are going to get a little closer, was next to that chair. We can see the body there. The bottom part is next to this plastic chair. At the very corner where Calle Azucenas and Calle Altamirano cross each other.
Armed subjects arrived, shot her and then fled the area. A police operation has been set up in the area to locate those responsible. However, no news yet has been released of their detention. This is the first violent event of this day. There hadn’t been any executions this Tuesday in Ciudad Juarez. The area is already cordoned off. Here close by to us is the Paso del Norte bridge. So, I will take a panoramic view of it. There we see the Paso del Norte bridge. We are a few blocks away from where it use to be Bomberos, and the old Tránsito address. This is where this violent event occurred here in Ciudad Juarez.

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