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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

GTO: 3 “Public Service Police” Kidnapped and Assassinated

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Sin Embargo
They kidnap them and force them to say, on video, that they were criminals. They kill them. They were police from Guanajuato.  This is NOT an execution Video! Twitter VIDEO Next Page:

Three police officers from the Guanajuato Public Security Forces kidnapped in Cortazar were killed this week. Two of them had been forced to confess that their commanders are related to organized crime , as recorded in videos broadcast on social networks.

The AM portal and local media said the three elements had been kidnapped on Monday of this week when they were caught by armed subjects.
Videos broadcast on social networks showed two stressed men who identified themselves as Pedro Aguilar, who would be 19 years in the corporation, and David Luna, who entered the state police just over a year ago. Both belonged to the Analysis and Information area. The elements were found dead on the Valle de Santiago-Pueblo Nuevo road.

The men reported in three recordings of just over a minute that at least three of their superior commanders work for the CJNG, Jalisco New Generation Cartel. VIDEO:

"That is why we are here, because they are corrupted with the New Generation," said the man who identified himself as Peter.

They said they were forced to tour Santa Rosa de Lima dressed as civilians, but armed, to attack allegedly anyone involved with the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, another criminal group that operates in the entity.

"They [their superior officers] are the ones who are involved and they send us armed civilians alone, if we find someone who is related to the Santa Rosa Cartel, we will take them  and disappear them," said the man who said his name was David.

While Victor Castillo, the third kidnapped policeman, tried to escape,  he ran and was apparently run over by his assailants, who also shot him.

The policeman was treated by paramedics and died in the hospital. It should be noted that the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) had a report prior to his death of a man seriously injured by a firearm that was found on the road that connects the municipalities of Cortazar with Salvatierra.

”He was transferred to the general hospital, said person has two impacts on the face and abdomen, his state of health was serious and he was unconscious. 

Local media report that so far at least 40 agents from different Public Security corporations have been killed in Guanajuato this year.

In recent days the entity governed by the National Action Party (PAN) has been shaken by various acts of violence. At least three black bags that contained human remains inside were located on the curb of the Juan Pablo Segundo Axis, Colonia Arboledas de San Rafael, in Celaya. See Sol's Post Here

In that same municipality, around 6,000 students from various high schools and universities joined the claim for security in the municipality on October 2, so they participated in a march.
See My Posts on the Student Unrest in Celaya HERE

The students protested to demand justice for the murder of Gabriel Luna Ibarra, "Gabo", a student at the National Technological Institute of Mexico who died when he was stabbed during an assault.

To this fact is added the violence that was recorded at dawn on October 4 in Apaseo el Alto, where the murder of six people and a confrontation between the Mexican Army and armed men were reported. The result was 11 people killed in three different events.


  1. To say that every victim of narco violence is "involved" (as that corrupt queer EPM did) is clearly wrong, but in Guanajuato every cop is cartel with a badge.

    In GJ an honest cop would not be allowed to join and if he did make it in how would he stay alive?

    1. 2:37 the Imperial Couple of Guanajuato, aka former president "la Chachalaca" Vicente Fox Quesada and his second hand wife and former first Lady should know, they presided over the Guanajuato huachicoleros, while her sons are high level criminals since fox won the presidency.
      But the governor and his state Fiscal general he installed for 9 years Carlos Zamarripa after he had been "prosecutor" for another 9 and his attorney General should dknow by now who the big chimichanga, unless he can deny his crimes like Nayarit governor Roberto Sandoval whose State's Attorney alias "el demonio" imprisoned in the US resulted a Criminal Marca Diablo "without his knowledge"... Everybody thinks CJNG is dangerous, while the local criminals enjoy anonymity and anonymous police officers without training or reinforcements keep being sent to them to feed on their blood.

  2. This is the equivalent of Shock and Awe by the United States in Muslim countries. They will shock people into wanting to be Police man/women. Sucks BIG TIME.
    Don't know what to say after that....


  3. Wherever Mencho and his goons go death follows.

  4. A los sujetos interrogados en el video yo los admiro. Apesar de saber que la fuerza policiaca de mexico es un asco corrupto y podrido, tuvieron las agallas para unirse a sus filas Quizas por ambicion o por deveras querer hacer la differencia en el infierno que se a convertido mexico.

    And to the filthy, subhuman, meth head, scumbag and cowards that is cjng and srdl cartels your time will come too. You are not invincible.

    1. This is SRDL. All criminals are POS

  5. El Marro - his death will come sooner than later. He is a scum of the earth, bottom dweller and worm of satan!

    1. Bro, they all are. Also, there is no Satan, only human ego

    2. 227 how the hell do you know do you have that link???

  6. Time to get revenge, kill the criminals killing innocent people. Forget turning them to police as they will set them free.

  7. If they are CJNG good riddance.


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