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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Downplayed: Female Kidnappers In A Man’s World

The Attorney General of the Federal District reported that they arrested members of a gang dedicated to kidnapping and that the leader operated from the Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

At a press conference, Attorney Rodolfo Ríos said that the prisoner's sentimental partner carried out the logistics for the kidnappings.

In the operation, four people linked to at least six previous inquiries were arrested.

He explained that the gang was located from the cell phones they used to call relatives of their victims and ask for ransom.

Video translation is as follows:

This morning the police in Mexico City arrested 3 alleged kidnappers. These women are linked to at least 3 cases in the municipalities of Iztapalapa, Cuauhtemoc, and Gustavo A. Madero. The police searched 2 houses and in one of them managed to rescue one of their victims. The leader of this gang of kidnappers operated from the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. This man was arrested this year in Acayuca, Hidalgo for crimes of robbery at home. The police also discovered 4 other inmates are involved in these cases.

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  1. Mexico's prisons are call centers for criminal purposes. A well noted fact ran by inmates under the watchful eyes of Mexican authorities. With their mordida of course for operating.

  2. Prison inmates communicate with criminal or other outsiders in many ways (visitors, letters, phone, web, lawyers, bondsmen, even guards) to "put in work", pass on messages, or whatever. Historically, prison gangs "shot callers" are notorious for
    running outside operations.
    Hard to stop the practice because in prisons information is always coming in and going out.


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