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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Disciplinary Action For The Cartel Police

Parral, Chihuahua - Organized crime in the southern end of Chihuahua suffered a heavy blow.

Four municipal police officers from Valle de Allende were arrested for the  kidnapping of several businessmen from Parral and its region.

The capture operation was recorded on Tuesday in the town located 10 minutes from Parral, on the Jimenez road.

The narco police are related to Liliana de León Rivas, the municipal agent from Allende Valley. She was arrested for the kidnapping of Celso Francisco Barajas Olivas, who was picked up by an armed command in 2017.

Celso recognized the officer who had betrayed him by her voice and a tattoo when he was held in captivity.

Sources in the Prosecutor's Office detail that the criminalistic woman had put her accomplices up to the task. Which in turn lead to the illegal imprisonment.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  Source


  1. There's gn for ya smh

  2. String these individuals up in the towns square for all to see. An example of what will not be tolerated by criminals and its political associates.


  3. How much time will she get? Seems cops who supposed to uphold the law, are getting exposed at thier crimes. They figure the cartels get away with crimes, that they fall in too.

  4. This is the same area that 22 y/o wad murdered for snitching on FB. Also a couple weeks ago there was a couple big shootouts in the area. Maybe there's a new boss

  5. That is a nice town. Lots of pecans, watermelon melon. You should see the country side. Nice. Next to the river.

  6. Damn. Los Linces completely eliminated Jaguar and his entire crew in a matter of months. Jaguar was arguably the highest rank and representative of Sinaloa Cartel. Jaguar was the main connection and aid to Tigre Cartel. Which is pretty much instinct or in shambles as well with the death of Jaguar they are finished. With the removal of Jaguar and his associates from Parral, valle De Juárez. And Cuauhtémoc. Sinaloa is hurting severely in Chihuahua. Few scattered cells will either be absorbed by La Linea or buck and also get swept up.

    1. Did linea completely take madera again? Im sure jaguar is read and he was running out of sicarios

    2. Whatever scattered cells Sinaloa has in Chihuahua will only survive to be a thorn on Lineas side. This is so that they can always claim they own the state. They will be sleepers cells that only come out to harm those people that openly claim to be from La Linea or that badmouth CDS. They will never grow in numbers once again to openly confront Juarez cartel but hide like roaches to kill people they want to kill as well as keep supplying La Linea rival gangs like AA gang and independent drug dealers.
      Some of them sleeper cells will eventually be destroyed as well over time.

  7. Violent novellas, and crabs pulling down crabs to each get their own.


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