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Monday, October 14, 2019

Cotija, Michoacán: 3 Gunshot Bodies Found in Truckbed

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: VPT y LaVozdeMichoacán
The lifeless bodies of three men were located in the bed of a pick-up truck, whose unit was reported by some motorists traveling along the Cotija-Los Reyes road, right near the community of  Ayumba.
The bodies all had firearm impacts in different parts of their bodies, so police officers proceeded to cordon off the area to immediately request the presence of the ministerial authorities.

Approximately 10:15 am on  Sunday, when the policemen who passed through the area saw a truck that seemed suspicious  parked on the road and when they  went down to check it they discovered the bodies piled up in the unit's bed. The unidentified victims were in  a red Ford Lobo van, with plates from the state of Veracruz #XV-64-390.

According to La Voz, a family stopped to check out the truck and were horrified to find the dead men in the bed of the truck and they were the ones to notify the police who then came to the scene. Municipal Police from both Ayumba and Lagunita attended to the finding to proceed to process the crime scene.

One of the deceased wore a long-sleeved shirt, with orange, white and blue squares; the second body wore black denim pants and blue shirt, while the third was a sturdy man, whose clothing is black denim pants and blue shirt.
The bodies were taken to Semefo where they remain unidentified. Authorities are hopeful relatives may come to identify them.

The same area has had recent confrontations between heavily armed groups of civilians; casualties remain unknown.


  1. Word is that when the call came in, the police were like “already “ we just dropped them
    I wonder if you run a risk traveling through Mexico with plates from another state? Had that in my mind while driving through Nayarit

  2. Michoacanos are fighting to remain independent but the government/cjng will have the upper hand and eventually win..

    1. That's what happened to Mireles, he had established an autodefensas in the past, was tired of criminal cartels, the local cartel and the government stepped in (government was curuption to continue), to disband, and find a fake reason to arrest Mireles, he served a few years, but was brainwashed. It worked, he does not get involved on stuff like that.

  3. nobody is fighting to remain independent...this is about a stolen load by los reyes people.


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