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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Confrontation Between Traffickers and Military near Ensenada BC Yields a Ton of Weed and a

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
                               Three traffickers escaped, one was shot in the jaw and detained
Soldiers and armed civilians were shot at on Tuesday morning, in the area of ​​La Joya, where they secured a drug boat and injured one of the alleged criminals.  After the confrontation the Army announced the securance of a ton of marijuana in the boat with double 200 outboard motors.

In a statement, the 67th Infantry Battalion explained that, within the framework of the La Joya operation, in the La Bufadora area, soldiers found a boat stranded at the edge of the boat ramp, as well as four men moving packages from the panga to a parked vehicle.

When approaching to verify the legality of the landing they realized that the civilians were armed, so they were ordered to surrender, however, the military personnel were attacked and initiated the exchange of shots, according to the official version.

Three of the attackers managed to escape between the houses, while the fourth was hit by the soldiers' shots in the jaw, a version different than that of the C-4 who that reported the man had two thorax bullets.

The injured person was transferred to the General Hospital, where the military personnel safeguards their safety and once the provision is completed, he will be handed over to the corresponding judicial authority.

As part of the operation, the soldiers found within the boat 27 packages tied with cinnamon shipping tapel and black nylon, secured with rope; inside each package were smaller packages, all with marijuana, giving an approximate weight of 1,880 kilograms of the enervant.

The white fishing panga,  20 feet in length, was also secured with two 200 horsepower outboard motors; a truck, cab and half pick-up type, gray color, Ford F-150 brand, model 2000, without license plates, with theft report; a .9 mm caliber Beretta pistol with a magazine and eight useful cartridges.


  1. Mexico should eliminate marijuana from the drug war. Cannabis is here in the US with many states to follow.
    Maybe then homicides and military confrontations can curb Mexico's violence.
    Truth is; it makes perfect sense.

  2. Excellent 👍 catch. Marina's haven't reached the quota this year so far.

  3. I didn't think they were still shipping weed, yeah I guess it wakes sense, there's still a lot of places here that don't have the best access and tollerance like the sw.does.I don't really smoke so I'm kind of in a bubble about that.


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