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Thursday, October 17, 2019

CJNG leaves dismembered corpses and threats in Abasolo

Abasolo, Guanajuato - The dismembered bodies of two men were located on Tuesday morning in the municipality of Abasolo in the vicinity of La Peña community.

The events were recorded in the mountain area, after the presence of several bags and narco messages was reported.

Municipal police descended onto the area, who confirmed the presence of at least four black bags with human remains inside.

In addition, there were two mantas in which narco messages were signed by a criminal group.

The crime scene was cordoned off with yellow security tape and the Public Prosecutor of the Regional Prosecutor's Office "B" was informed.

Graphic Image below

After initiating an expert report, the human remains were taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities to undergo the necropsy of the law.

Manta reads as follows:

This was my fate for having bothered the good people of Abasolo. And the same will also happen to all those we catch who are thieving, kidnapping, and hurting the townspeople of Abasolo. We don’t have any problems with the government. But for everyone who is on the wrong path this will be how your life ends. Sincerely, CJNG Grupo Elite

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat Source


  1. Hum bugg, this is what happens to theiving, kidnapping and hurting the people. And what has this cartel been doing too...theiving, kidnapping and hurting, talk about acting with the people like they are Angels.

    1. CJNG cheerleaders will not be happy about the TRUTH.

    2. If you tell me they are a bunch of fools.

    3. Santa, police,janitor and God rolled into one!

  2. How do we know some of these killings to protect the good people are really the CJNG - could it be someone else that wants to instill fear on the not drug-related criminals? I mean, I’m sure the citizens are tired and want to take things into their hands if they know the government isn’t protecting them or doesn’t have enough people to help them. What proves the authenticity of the mantas? Is it the way the killings are done? Newbie

    1. Good point!
      What better way than to make things HOT for one's rivals.
      Unless fingerprints or DNA tell otherwise. Which is highly unlikely.
      Mexico is far behind on matters of solving any crimes for decades.

    2. I think those are all valid questions. Could be anyone killing people, leaving mantas on the bodies. Guess it it all depends on if they identify the body or the message leads to further altercations. I think they prey on the weak and defenseless to use as propaganda tools. First, because the killers themselves are likely (but not always) drug addicts. Most of them weren't born a sociopath so they turn to substance abuse to silence their conscience. Second, those that don't follow the first example, that don't have a conscience and like killing, probably need to continue to do so to satisfy their urges. Getting paid to do it by a cartel is a bonus.

  3. These guys are relentless.
    I’d hate to be an adversary.

    ~nat turnher


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