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Monday, October 7, 2019

CJNG leaves dismembered and bagged remains in Celaya, Guanajuato

On the morning of this Sunday, the dismembered and bagged remains of at least 3 people were located in the Eje Juan Pablo II.

According to the police report, it was close to midnight when the first reports of the incident were received.

It was motorists who warned of the existence of plastic bags with human remains next to the Eje between the Primera Fracción de Crespo and the neighborhood Arboledas de San Rafael.

It was not until about seven in the morning when Municipal Police and State Forces arrived at the scene and corroborated the report.

Near the bags were also found three mantas with threats from an organized crime group.

In the end the remains were lifted and transferred to the Semefo facilities for the law autopsy.

Manta reads as follows:
Delta and H: Here lies your bitch ass people. You dirty fucks Celaya already has an owner. This will be the fate of every dumbs ass who keeps on believing in these dirty people. Sincerely, CJNG Grupo Elite

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat Source


  1. El Abuelo did a good job fighting the baby killer cartel, but now they are f*@+& around in another town and the townspeople do nothing to fight back.

    1. El Abuelo fled Tepeke what are you going on about. The people of Tepeke were warned 2 days before that CJNG was doing an incursion into Tepeke. At the time of the incrusion their were 1000 or more people in and around Tepeke from Los Reyes, Templarios, and the Viagras and La Costa.

      CJNGs war with Tepeke started after they stole a large shipment of cocaine from Mencho. The shipment was around 500 kilos. They killed his pilot and hide the plane. Mencho lost 10 to 15 gunmen. While Tepeke lost 4 who were killed in Cancun and another 10 so far that have been killed in sporadic clashes. They also lost the support of the Cartel that not only got el abuelo out of prison but also fed them for the past 5 years.

    2. 10:09 cjng fed those guys with money that came from innocent people, extortions,murders,etc dum idiot

    3. 7:15 AM One of El Abuelos fools that CJNG wasted.

    4. An article from some days ago says CJNG clashed with Abuelo in Aguililla, are NG advancing in territory? 500+/- de soda de que les van a servir, más pronto se encontrarán con la muerte por bajadores.

    5. In Aguililla their are viagras abuelos people are found in Tepeke that article was a bunch of gibberish. CJNG right now only has people in a few areas in that region but they are surrounded by Viagras, Tepekes, Los Reyes, Templarios. They have allies in Turicato, Huetamo, and a few other municipalities in that area. East of Los Reyes in la Piedad CJNG has full control. CJNG is in Morelia and control the municipalities around its just not fully controlled but they move as they please.

  2. So the first came in around midnight (12) and police didn't show up until 7am??? I guess the local police needed to go home and clean off the blood before investigating.
    Keeping it classy Mexico!!!

    1. Sounds about right!

    2. If all you own is a hand gun and you get a call about 50 armed with AKs, ARs, n 50 Cals how long would it take you to show your face?


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