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Friday, October 4, 2019

CJNG has Left Thousands of Women Brutally Murdered, as have Others

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaVerdad y reportindigo y Zeta

“El Mencho” and Feminicide:  CJNG has left thousands of women brutally murdered.
The war between the different groups in the world of drug trafficking has not only increased day-to-day violence, but has also led to aggressions against women and children.

During the last months, the war between the different groups in the world of drug trafficking has not only increased day-to-day violence , but has also led to aggressions against women and children , causing their deaths as the authorities register more and more; especially in places where the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG), an organization led by Nemesio Oseguera, aka "El Mencho", has a greater presence; Therefore, the authorities think that they are responsible for the majority of such acts of insensitivity.

In Tijuana, BC,for example, currently one woman is killed almost every day.

The Tragedy of Gender:
Women killed by their partners, in armed attacks when they accompanied a man, inside the narcomenudeo world are left with their half-naked bodies. Although a unit led by women's Public Ministries was created in Tijuana, BC to investigate homicides against women with a gender perspective, very few of the folders show progress.
The cases of crimes with passion are the least, but those that are more likely to be resolved. In most of these fatal events, the couple is the author or principal suspect. The facts involving factors such as drug trafficking and organized crime, are the most and least likely to solve. 

During September, 23 women have been killed in Tijuana, only in two cases the authority has suspects. With 404 folders with female victims initiated between 2017 and 2018, 62 alleged perpetrators have been prosecuted and 45 orders for apprehension are pending. From January 1, 2017 to date, 700 women were violently deprived of life in Baja California, the main motives for the attacks have been intrafamily violence and drug trafficking. Here some of the fatal stories.

161 Murders of Women in TJ ( on record )

Only on Tuesday, September 17, three women victims of homicide were reported in Tijuana: 23 adults were violently deprived of life on 25 days in September.

In the course of 2019, authorities have accounted for 161 murders committed against women in Tijuana. The data indicates that in the first eight months of this year, the average was 17 homicides per month, that is, a murder every two days.

With 161 female victims, this city accounts for 82 % of the 144 open folders in Baja California in 2019 for homicides of women. From January 1, 2017 to September 18, 2019, 702 female victims have been registered; 558 have been killed in Tijuana.

The way to kill them is varied and all have been applied this month.

“Keep messing with what belongs to us Miguel Targetas, Guera Winnings,  Kevin La Mummy, this is how they are going to be Atte CJNG El Norte Already Has an Owner,” read in a small blanket that they left next to a suitcase, inside which was the body of a woman killed with a bullet in the head. It was on September 8 in North Zone.
Rosa Isela Radillo Ávalos, 21, was shot on September 16 from a car while walking in front of a shopping plaza on Rubén Alarid Avenue towards the swap meet . She died the next day.

The same day, federal police found the body of 20-year-old Sayra Radillo, who was lying on the floor at the back of a black Grand Cherokee truck with Anapromex license plates. Her body was half naked.

The body of another woman was found in a state of rot inside a television box left as garbage on Bellas Artes Boulevard.

A common denominator is that in most cases, even if there are witnesses, they do not see anything or cannot identify someone. The biggest involvement has been to report anonymously when there are the sounds of bullets.

Gender Perspective and Results:
Interviewed about the results of the special group consisting of three committees, each headed by female Public Ministries that investigate and analyze the homicides of females in Tijuana, Deputy Attorney General Jorge Álvarez explained that it is about investigating with a gender perspective.

“Since last year, all cases of murders of women, without considering the motive, derive from these groups, even when they are sometimes initiated by other cells headed by men. They always start with a gender perspective, applying the protocol established to investigate femicides from the collection and preservation of evidence, ” he added.

Of the 21 cases of women killed in September, only Neri Rodei Pelayo Ramírez's folder shows progress.

Deputy Attorney General Jorge Álvarez explained: the crimes of passion or domestic violence classified as femicides are the least; those related to retail drug sales, the most numerous. In the latter, it is common for women to be killed next to a man, and not the main objective of the attack.

A very clear example is the number of females that have been found executed , and that if according to the law it is not considered feminicide , and only the crime of murder is registered , the statistics of the brutality against women will be skewed. The cruelty in which organized crime men take the lives of women is truly alarming.

According to the official numbers of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), only during the month of August, about 88 cases of femicides were recorded , of which only 14 occurred in Nuevo León , 14 in the State of Mexico and 11 in Veracruz ; doing an analysis, it is said that only 44.31 of the femicides are registered in these three places.
Speaking with the official numbers, during the first eight months of the year, about 638 feminicides have been registered throughout the country , although it is important that of all the counting, as already explained, not all cases fall into the classification of feminicide , besides that not all killings were carried out by gunmen of organized crime, although it is important to note that the influence of the violence of the narco trafficker world is enough to get to  crimes against the women classified as feminicide.

In April of this year The Ministry of the Interior ( Segob ) issued a Declaration of Alert of Gender Violence against Women for 50 municipalities in Puebla.
The Federal Government indicated that in this way it was decided to issue 45 prevention, security and justice measures to “deal with the feminicidal violence that persists in the state”.

The government of Puebla must inform Segob , through Conavim , six months after this declaration, about the actions taken to comply with security, prevention and justice measures.

After that declaration, the first of its kind in this six-year term and which is issued two months after the elections for governor in the entity, the necessary budgetary resources, as well as human and material resources must be allocated to deal with the contingency.

He said that on April 8 the government of Puebla was notified of the resolution issued through the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women ( Conavim ).

In this way, the issuance of 45 prevention, security and justice measures to deal with the feminicidal violence that persists in the state was established.

Regarding the measures, he said that they seek to promote the right to prompt, expedited and impartial justice; the provision of legal, medical, specialized and free psychological services, in addition to the rehabilitation and repair of the victims' damage.


  1. What is the point of putting cjng killed thousands of women but then state as have others? Should just make the headline cartel violence has killed thousands of woman or something like that. It’s like saying he’s bad he steals but that guy steals so it’s ok.


  2. 1000 women are killed each year in Pakistan's honor killings.
    In Mexico honor killings are referred to those women who are in association or in the drug game. All else is domestic violence.

  3. The drug industry is based on equality. You don't get special privileges for being a woman.

  4. “Cjng” the focus and not the “others”
    Why BB?

    Damn clowns.

  5. Equality taking its course.

  6. Las morras tambien chambean they love to hustle they want to be the next China con sus zapatillas

  7. Many women are involved so they are targets too
    Dona letty, la patrona, the anthrax girl that just died. And on and on and on there's a looong list.... Most are not innocent eccept the thousands kills in juares

  8. They kill lots of innocent people, including teenagers, and baby's.

  9. Women are the key foundation for civilized society. In those places where women are treated as chattel property, society as a whole suffers. Exhibit A - Mexico

  10. El mencho, when caught should be put in a cell with el chapo. May the best man win. Let the winner live with the rotten corpse until his dying day.

    Subhuman degenerate lowlife scumbags

    1. Chapo would write a letter crying to the judge that he’s getting slapped around, snitchaloas are only tough in corridos

  11. Puro michoacan cjng are real vatos duros no mercy por nada arriba nueva Italia vali

  12. Cjng bunch of cowards just see how Las michoacans are going to justified their b*tch ass idol but when it's sinaloa this same clowns get mad LMAO and filled this thread with hate comments lol

    1. damn, you couldn’t wait for a post like this huh? Are you from the great state of snitchaloa by any chance? Lmao

  13. Michoacanos are everything you think of rats traitors baby and woman killer this anim@ls are the lowest of the lowest

    1. Tu y el idiota 4:04 que son el mismo siempre habla cagada de los Michoacanos. Acaso eres Sinaloa? Dices que los envidian y copean alos Sinaloas y aquí estás sin falla con cagada en la boca ladrando. CTMP

  14. Yaqui:Thanks for posting.
    Many cultures in the 3rd world are male dominant with intolerance towards women who violate "macho" codes of conduct. In some 3Rd world places (African nations) women who deviate or violate these cultural norms and codes can be publically stoned, immolated, or beaten with little or no repercussions.

    Of course, Mexico "claims" to be enlightened and civilized nation, but the chronic incidents of murders and abuse of women,children virtually "without consequences" tells me that Mexico is far from civilized by modern standards.
    P.S. I grew up in USA barrios and saw violent or abusive "immigrant" family "shit" due to the "macho" ethos; but, as the years went by this all seem to diminish probably because of detection by medical and EMT, lour laws with teeth, caring neighbors, and other social and legal mechanisms (including womens' shelters).

    Thanks for posting, amigo.

    1. 4:51 all of the luxuries the US showcases cost many billions of dollars, the US borrows heavily to support a lifestyle that sinks the US in debt when it could all be better and free.
      --In Mexico it is a miracle things are not worse, but this reality is one more part inherited from The US sponsored war on drugs.

  15. The only good cjng is a dead one. Anyone caught being friends with or a member of cjng needs two to 57’s to the back

  16. Ehhh something is wrong here: "such acts of insensitivity" is a bit soft when describing mass murder.

  17. They were all involved, they are all guilty, they deserved it all and brought it on themselves.

    I mean there are no innocent victims in the WoD, right?

  18. So what's the ratio of men to women killed in this drug war? Overwhelmingly dead men and boys right?

  19. Equality is a beautiful thing

  20. Sinaloa best trannys in mexico


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