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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cannabeer on Sale in Mexico but Won't Get you High

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: OinkOink
                                                        "Cannabeer Cerveza Artesanal"
After a long process for the Mexican authorities to approve the sale of Cannabeer, a beer with cannabis, the distribution of this curious alcoholic beverage in our country has already begun.

Angélica Gálvez, one of those responsible for the product is already available in Mexico, said in an interview with the newspaper Milenio that this beer had its origin in Valencia and said that it is necessary to end the prejudices that are around hemp and marijuana.

“Hemp is a seed known for the benefits it gives as high protein content, essential amino acids and having all three groups of omegas. I dare to say that beer is a healthy product , ” said Angelica.

Do not think that this drink will produce a "trip" but will only make you drunk. Cannabeer is one of the most popular brands of craft beer in Spain, so much so that in 2015 it received recognition for the best hemp product.

Cannabeer is a craft beer made with hemp seed and has no THC or CBD , cannabinoids present in marijuana, so it has no effect . The award winning brew is available at any special store, self-service or restaurants.
                                                         Cannabeer en México
It is important to mention that marijuana and hemp are not the same , although both belong to the cannabis sativa species, but hemp usually has a higher concentration of CBD, or cannabinoids which is used for medicinal purposes , while marijuana does have high THC levels, a psychoactive ingredient.

“If you take five you will get drunk as with any beer, but it is for alcohol, not for hemp. It will not give you a psychoactive effect that we have stereotyped around the plant. The beer is currently cataloged to be sold as craft beer, not as a CBD product, ” Angelica said during the interview.

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