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Thursday, October 10, 2019

4 Police Murdered While Eating at Chihuahua Taqueria

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: PolitícoMx y Radio Formula
Armed subjects shot and killed three alleged ministerial police officers of Chihuahua and one more of the Transit Police, while eating tacos in a local downtown. It is speculated the " armed subjects" were narco affiliated hitmen.

According to the first reports, the attack was recorded at the Taquería Oaxaca, located in Paseo Bolívar and Ocampo, just three blocks from the State Prosecutor's Office .

The identity of two victims was known with the names of Roberto QJ, and Pedro Iván RR, while the third lifeless body belongs to Luis Raúl Martínez, who brought a Public Ministry badge that belonged to an ex agent, whom was not at the Taqueria.

Another male who was injured, who died when he was transferred to the hospital, is being identified as Eduardo García Martínez, who served as a Transit Police officer.


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    1. Da Yankee what up with de Chivis, she da missing in action.

    2. Paciencia amigo !
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  2. Cameras Camera Cameras, put them everywhere, and you will clean Cancun up.

    Let store owners have the right to carry any kind of Firearms for protection.

  3. 7:22 Cancun is on the other end south of Mexico,
    como que eres bien pendejo, o andas haciendote guey bato.
    --More than cameras, there is a great need for check points and for closing streets and avenues there is also the lack of guards in public places where people congregate, they know somebody is after their ass, more than one has weapons but they do not even have a chance to duck when the shit hits the fan...then again what are they going to do with their little pistolitas? What you need is to arrest the Prostiturers and public security delegates both federal and estatal, for allowing crime to take over the state. And let them shove their excuses, the yellow crime scene tape, and the percuted casings up the ass.


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